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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

Practice of Enochian Magick in Enochian Magick


Can enochian magic be used by people? Indeed it can. Besides the use of the call, also called the key, there is the keeping of a small “temple” in a private place, more of a shrine if you look at it structurally, and extensive practice of divination, most often gematria. The purpose of the shrine is to provide both a private place of reflection and meditation while using the call, and also a focus for prayer activity as well as a place to contemplate the tablets and other symbols that are important to keep in mind in the practice.

Gematria? Gematria is a system of correspondence between words and phrases. Math in gematri is considered the metaphysical “spirit” of language, the order behind all the seemingly unassociated words. The division of human language spoken of in the fall of the Tower of Babel story may have referred not so much to literal language as to miscalculation leading to failure of their government and thus empire.

So to practice gematria in a more mundane sense, you would take a short written phrase from someone. Their word choice and sentence structure, even their typos maybe, would not be seen as coincidence. You would, using their system, assign numerical values to the word of the phrase as well as the phrase as a whole, and then based on the context in which the phrase was said, interpret the meaning of the words through equivalence, each value has only a set number of words possibly associated with it. So using gematria you can divine the unspoken voice behind the spoken.

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Like numerology? Sort of like it, yes.

It sounds like a good practice for someone who likes geometry and computer science perhaps? Oh indeed, it would be, as it’s related practice is as well. Kabbalah is huge in that group. It has a lot of history behind it, and has played a big part in shaping modern metaphysical practice.

It seems all centered somehow on math. Game / chaos theory. Even the Greeks say that in the beginning was chaos.

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