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There is the capacity to focus awareness, which is focusing energy, which is shaping creation.

Pre-Judice in Self


Is there any room for self in self promotion?

Yes, if you promote truth. Promoting truth leads to altruism. In your pursuit of the truth and dedication to it, you will eventually come to save other people the hardship of figuring things out for themselves.

If you are compulsively advocating for your own interests, what do you get?

It might be in my best self interest not to answer that. It may be or it might not. Some things are seen only in moments.

A good cover letter might land you that job you dream of having, but only if it’s true of your skills. If you lie, it’s hard work to maintain such a lie and the hiring staff can usually tell when you’re full of BS. And all egotism is lies. The huge life long lie of why you deserve to have your every wish immediately fulfilled. That is actually an old Arab curse. May your every wish be immediately fulfilled.

You might have a bad day, and in your idle thoughts wish something that will make that your last day. They say that one who represents themselves in a court of judgement has a fool for a client. What happens when you place your own judgement higher than your experience? They call this pre-judice. In more casual terms, it’s called opinion.

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Can you have your opinions and have your feelings also? Can you have opinions and be genuinely interested in your experience right now? That is what unites altruism and egotism. They are both opinions, on equal footing.

Is opinion the same as belief? Yes and no. For most people the answer is yes, as their opinions are well rehearsed enough to feel like convictions. But belief can also arise from experience, from being in touch with your experience.

We can make up answers for what we don’t know. Yes. That’s opinion. You can know anything without making up answers. Nothing in this universe spawned you and left you to your own devices. The big secret of the universe is that the universe doesn’t keep any secrets.

I think an opinion is more weighted towards what you think you know. Belief is more feeling. Belief can be more feeling based, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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