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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Primal Morality in Morality


Does the desert fox concern itself with moving to greener territory? It lives within its means. It lives within the balance, but also capable of change.

The coyotes come down from the mountain in times of drought. They learn how to move through desert cities despite the strange patterns humans create.

Change is a part of the balance. It’s also called evolution, but they don’t engage in the notion of “domination.” They don’t seek control in the way humans do. Does any other species?

Apes. Apes seek to dominate other species? No, just their pack, like wolves. Ah, pecking order. Primal morality isn’t what we as human beings might consider pretty, but much of human idealism and beauty isn’t what it’s cracked up to be either.

Wolves will scare off coyotes. Lions scare off hyenas. There is a need to express dissonance. Discord is a necessary phase or stage in the flow of life energy in the world.

In the whole web of empathy, there has to be empathy for distress as well, and the strong are best able to deal with distress. But the strong are strong not in and of themselves. The troupe leader of a group of apes is strong in cooperation with their troupe. No matter how strong they are, if left to themselves they will die. Animals know this, do people?

Most understand there is strength in numbers. In my experience, most seem to think there is strength in institutions. Is the institution the people? It’s a form of graveyard. The life energy has to be dulled, even killed, in order for the mechanics of the institution to function.

This is the dividing line between primal morality and memetic morality. Animals apprehend an exchange of life energy and choose behaviors to further that continuity. What are human purposes and how do they compare to the primal? Wolves understand that a spiritually sick pack is to be avoided, do humans?

We have an innate purpose to explore and create and build. We do, indeed.

No wonder we are hypochondriacs. Leaders telling us we are sick and need medicine. Drink this magical elixir. Parasitism, theft, theft of the most valuable energy and resources any living thing has.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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