You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Psychic Potential in Psychic Malignancy

I will start with a question, as I often do. Why do many people fear the idea of psychic potential?

They may be afraid of something that they themselves haven’t experienced or are afraid to tap into.

People know how awful their thoughts can be and don’t want others to read them.

Strangely, it doesn’t take paranormal sensitivity to read other peoples mental processes, at least to any meaningful level, and current research has begun exploring this rather in depth. People’s brains are well prepared not only to understand their own state, but the states they see other people in also. It’s not fool proof of course, but reliable enough to have become very hard wired into human biology as well as psychology.

Maybe they fear someone bringing their thoughts to the open when they aren’t ready for that.

For some reason people fear another controlling their mind. Bizarre since their mind is influenced every day and otherwise they don’t do a lot with it themselves. They fear the everyday and common place.

They fear someone else acting on their behalf? You have likely acted on someone else’s behalf and may have been doing that to them for quite a while. They call it employment. The young lady at the McDonalds counter is acting on behalf of that restaurant, and in a sense on behalf of every owner of a McDonalds franchise. Would you say people really differentiate between one McDonalds and another?

They do if the service changes. You notice if the staff is happy or not. If they do it isn’t for very long. But yes, you do notice the emotional atmosphere of such a place, and the reason you notice it is in order to be aware of it your brain reproduces it in your own nervous system.

Then the customers don’t care. They still want their perfect burger and fries. Indeed. It becomes a vicious cycle. Anger the store workers, make them frazzled, they make errors that anger customers more, and it goes on and on and on. But this is all pretty clear I imagine. Even workers at different McDonalds restaurants start making errors for fear of the stress of dealing with angry customers.

I had a lady that actually put her hands around my throat and the management didn’t do a thing but pacify her. It was very hard for me to not react. Naturally.

Now about those psychic mind forces, as this is the dark metaphysics topic… People fear to tap into the power of the mind, which doesn’t stop them from tapping into the power of the mind. Psionic forces are active in our environment all the time. They boil around the space much like fog or weather of some other sort. Right now that psionic atmosphere is pretty seriously smoggy, polluted. For all the fear of the minds potential many people have, this energy doesn’t stop flowing.

Why is it smoggy? Ah, part of the reason is it’s stagnant. People project very poorly, with little clarity of intention let alone self-reflection, but also because people fill this effluvium of stressed out emotional energy with the strangest random thoughts. And have you noticed, those random thoughts you experience are much more frequent when in a public place?

That’s for certain. Prevalent in our culture in this day and age, little clarity or self-reflection. People use the psychic toilet in their bath water, and then wonder why mental illness is so common.

I avoid crowds. It’s not really necessary to avoid them unless you just feel it is for personal reasons. But more constructive is figuring out how to change your part in the process, how to go green psionicly. But that would be its own topic. This is more a “getting to know the situation” session.

Some people are naturally a stabilizing force in a room of people. They project that to others. Indeed. Some people even seem to have an innate talent for clearing the air. They clean up the psychic space even without really trying to.

It has mostly to do with attitude I think. Attitude defines ones default psionic broadcast whether it’s full of static, or loud and clear, as well as the quality of content.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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