I don’t feel that people hurt because they are unenlightened. I feel they are unenlightened because they do not hurt.

Reality Coordinates in Numina


Anyone want to give me a seemingly random event as an example to start from?

A first date. Ok. A first date. That’s a collection of events, but as soon as you have the intention to go on the first date, as soon as that idea becomes clear in your mind, the world begins to respond. If you are unsure you are willing, little setbacks will pop up. You will get your timing subtlety wrong and this small deviation will make for a huge derailing later on and even seem to have nothing to do with the date itself. And the day you intend to go on the date, you might wander around in a groggy state in the morning just a little too long, and get to work a bit late. The boss complains about that politely but it sets your mood on edge. You go about your work in a way that seems normal, but little traces of tension and your doubt and even anxiety show up in your body language making people react to you just a bit more negatively. By the time your work day is through and you go home and get ready for your date, you may try to psyche yourself out. But for no reason you can make sense of, it just feels like you are fooling yourself.

All the negative gets backed up like a blocked toilet? Yes. Numina is ripples in a pond, but everything is listening to you. Your car, your clothes, your computer, your plumbing and house plants, and each time they have their own way of making a subtle statement providing some feedback about your personal state of being.

But there could be one moment to turn the positive on, right? Like your boss complimenting you on your work that day. Yes. The butt kisser makes me cringe, why is that? The butt kisser is going to use you to satisfy their own desire for self-punishment. They are going to encourage you so they will be certain to also get in trouble.

The problem is that the world is too agreeable, not less? Exactly. The world is not against you, it’s just agreeing with you? Yes. It doesn’t know that you don’t want to be, you just keep telling it you are. The world doesn’t completely agree with itself though. You have heard the phrase “being of two minds” about something, yes? The world is of not just two minds about anything, it’s of countless minds about any specific idea which means the world doesn’t just listen to your dominant attitudes and intentions, it listens to all of them.

Are numina what we call Murphy’s Law? Murphy’s Law without being exclusively limited to things going wrong. It’s sort of like reality divides up into chorus groups, or political committees, each favoring a specific process in the world or course of events. So the gum might agree with the soothing music that people should be calm, but the air conditioning and the florescent lights may feel that anxiety is in order so no energy lingers in that place for very long.

This reminds me of coordinating a room. Reality coordinates itself like that, and your butt winds up sitting with the group you are most in agreement with.

Feng shui? Feng shui is an example of this. People tend not to realize how they are casting their vote though. They may think consciously that they are against sustaining a broken arm, but all the while their attitudes about their life events and activities, their responsibilities and current mood, are lined up in favor of having an excuse to do nothing for a while. So they wind up getting that broken arm anyway.

Like people who angrily tell you they’re happy. I am deliriously happy, now sod off! I have been threatened with peoples “happy” rather frequently in my life. I have found myself wishing to be able to sit down with a sad person and rest for a while.

I think this is why a lot of people get colds. Though they don’t admit it, they really want to stay in bed and do nothing. So their immune system falters when otherwise they would have shrugged it off and not even felt a single symptom.

I don’t care for people that come to work with a contagious bug. Ah well, all problems are events, and problems are called problems because they are events in tension. Otherwise, there’re just called situations. It’s not a problem if you like it, or if you really honestly don’t care about it.

True. If you like it too much does that still mean you don’t like it? If you can identify that you like something too much, then yes, you are saying that you also don’t like it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t perceive it as being too much.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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