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Scientology was based on many of the old teachings and its creator admits to this in his own writing. He just sought to refine it. Make it more intelligible and accessible.

Reassembling the Pages in Morality


Ever notice whenever you are around a lot of life, you can feel something almost like a tide or flow of energy? This sense of life energy is natural. Humans haven’t totally blinded themselves. They just are very well trained. Like those horses used to pull carriages in cities, they sharply limit the information sensed without cutting it out entirely.

Animals use this sensation to understand their world, and they perceive it with depth and detail. What they understand of their self is perceived in this energy.

Who trained the humans? Humans trained themselves.

Why did we do this to ourselves? As for why, I’m not entirely certain. Perhaps some astral influence early on in human evolution. It’s not something I have the fortune to be in touch with.

Is this sense part of Gaia? It is indeed. It’s the heart of Gaia.

Primal morality is an innate sense of keeping the balance? That, but not perhaps so strictly pragmatic as that. Perhaps an alternative explanation of reincarnation might help explain.

They have recently discovered an interesting phenomenon having to do with genes, and more specifically with genes in the human brain. They don’t stay strictly where they were “written.” They jump to new locations from time to time, changing the text of the human gene code over time entirely. They do have theories for this, and it does have psychological causes as well as effects. But what it means is not only do we impress other people with memories of us, we effect their genetic code as well, and over time, with enough people bearing the genetic imprint that we left through our behaviour surviving and reproducing, the same set of genetics that lead to our behaviour the first time could recombine. There is still a rhyme and reason to the material, so it would be like reassembling the pages of a book. Do this and you retell the story.

We gain others’ memories of past lives? Yes, even animals. So even if we didn’t evolve from animals, we would still bear the genetic imprint of our dear sweet kitty or puppy dog.

I wonder if our consciousness “soul” could store the memories and import to the new bodies? Well, the soul could be considered the quantum footprint or event matrix that allowed us to occur as a being in the first place.

So celebrities can have a huge impact on the genetics of the whole country or world. Books do get edited, and so do memories. Every time you recall a memory you link it to a new set of associations from your more current experience.

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed all altered our genetics through their teachings? They did. Information is never lost. Science requires this to be a valid discipline, but sets of information can recombine in ways not yet well understood by humanity.

Memory is the drive behind evolution of species. Did Darwin already know that? He didn’t know it consciously.

But is the information we remember part of our “past” if not our DNA evolution? It is a part of our past as past could be also called our root, and future could be called our branches. Otherwise, time doesn’t really exist.

Then it is all happening now? Yes, and it echoes. Each past life an echo, and every future moment an echo.

Like different vibrations. Yes.

Is deja vu a part of our ability to see into the past? The short distance past, yes. It can go deeper than déjà vu.

And past life recollection? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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