The alienation of sudden death tends to warp the mind of the recently departed. The desire for the life they lost is heartbreaking, maddening even.

Secret To Effective Psionic Function in Brains


There is a way we can get out of our brains way, and let it actually obey the mind. Ready?

The feeling mind always has feelings about what you “imagine” to be reality. It’s not capable of judging anything, so if you imagine that your body is sickly and vulnerable to infection, the monkey mind gets freaked out and starts driving your immune system to exhaustion. The secret to effective psionic functioning is like setting up a “monkey trap”. Everyone familiar with them?

Bananas? Usually cookies, but these are not lethal traps. They aren’t designed to hurt the monkey. What they do is bury a jar in the ground, so just the mouth is above the dirt, and pack it in tight. In the jar is a cookie, something easy to grab. The monkey comes along to get the cookie and the human startles it. The monkey has only one instinct, and your monkey mind is a one trick pony also. It’s one instinct is to take the cookie and run. It makes a fist and tries to take the cookie from the jar.

Take the food and run? Exactly, but it can’t pull its fist out of the mouth of the jar. It could if it let go of the cookie, but they don’t really do judgment. They learn, yes, and can choose behaviours from experience, but no judgement calls.

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Ok. Guess who has been using your psionic potential?

The monkey mind? No. It is just your observer. Your cerebral cortex has, more specifically your “conscience”. We all carry “God” around in our head. The very early God for infants was the mother, very soon to include the father, and depending on how your life goes it generally takes on the personality of one or the other. I have scary news friend, you haven’t been using your brain, mommy and/or daddy has.

This is why it seems like there is a intelligence behind these events that happen in your life, and it’s very predictable. It’s like being haunted by one or both parents even if they are still alive, but this isn’t them. The real person doesn’t have the ability to invade your brain.

You have just locked up your psionic potential in constructs and then lost control of them. Of course, there is another factor in this power struggle, because the system does have control of you. Big businesses have spent a lot of money researching your brain and the parts you don’t use, and have learned how to use them for you. So you might not recognize your inner mommy/daddy figure anymore, because it’s replaced by Orville Redenbacher or the Kool-aid man. Kool-aid … oh yeah! See, it’s even in my brain.

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TV commercials are brain suckers? Yes, they are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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