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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Shamanic Practice in Shamanism

Native American

Want a general example of how to do Shamanism? Well, you can just let your spirit wander, but they call that day dreaming these days. So let’s actually chose a focus, something we want to understand, or a problem we want to solve and issue we want to overcome. If you care to share, I will give the next instruction. It will differ from situation to situation. It’s more of an art than a science.

Hmmm, thinking. In Shamanism, even thinking is communicating with spirits. Usually minor ones that are very short lived, like fruit flies. This is why Shamans practiced not thinking too much. They didn’t want to struggle with spirit “gnats” clouding their vision. One Shamanic practice would be just relaxing and letting your mind go, and letting an idea / vision come to you. This is why they used drumming.

I want to understand how to evolve the One World Pod podcast. Ok. While thinking of that, relax your concentration and let your mind wander. But as you relax, pay attention to imaginings. Any images no matter how strange that come up. Use the question only as a touch stone. Don’t analyze it or think about it. Just open yourself to listening to and looking for the spirits. They show up when you are peacefully paying attention, like being quiet so you can watch a bird or a squirrel in a tree.

I think they’ve been nagging me, actually. It’s possible. They often urge us to do things that strengthen us, because that strengthens them also. It grows the life energy that you and they share. But specifically, what do you see or feel when you think about your question? It always comes as a sense, not always as a vision, but it is very sense based. People often ignore spirits these days because they believe that it’s something else. They feel a chill and just assume that maybe they are getting sick.

How do I separate my reaction to it being felt vs. the original sense? You don’t. Except maybe that your reaction will likely be thinking and not have much of a sensory element to it. Trying to screen it just dulls your sense of the spirit world.

I feel an energy surge in my stomach. Excellent. See any colors or feel any textures or temperatures? Or phantom sensations?

Red and kind of cold. Oh, that is a snake spirit. Snake spirits are connected to flows, rivers and paths. I’ve been thinking of needing to speak and allow flow. Your desire is a call to the spirits. It’s natural that they come to your call. Anyone else want to try?

I’m hiring an assistant at work. Ok. Think of one or two people you might possibly hire. Tell me when you have a sense of them in your mind. Ok. Now without analysis or staying object focused, just let your mind wander as you feel the sense of this person or people, and share what you experience, if you would.

I feel energy in the back of my throat. Excellent. Go on. The spirits respond by that energy. It’s their touch, like tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention.

And seeing their faces on a dark background. Excellent. They are helping your clarity. One of them is much bigger than the others. Ok, well that is your answer. But you can ask for more detail. See if you can see anything around this bigger person.

Interesting, because she has the least amount of experience. She seems very enthusiastic about the job? Yes. I haven’t interviewed anyone yet, but I know that the people I am thinking about are applying. This is an excellent time to ask the spirits.

I saw stars around her for a second, yellow ones. Oh, excellent. This is owl, which is your totem. You value a smart assistant most? I do like having someone who catches on quickly. That is what the spirits are telling you about her. Also, by making her larger, they are telling you she will be more invested in the job. She will put more of herself into it.

Interesting. Again, it’s not what I expected. It often isn’t. This just shows you that the spirits are there. Though perhaps a word of caution. Their opinions about people and things don’t connect well with human expectations. They don’t really care about business and professionalism as such. They are not being deceptive, but they may point you at someone who won’t do what you want to have done, but they will do something that needs to be done. The spirits are all about balance.

She works really hard, and I’m sure she could do the work. The spirits agree, and they deal with her spirit. Sometimes having tried something else first, it motivates you more in a different job. You know what you don’t want to do so you try harder in the next thing.

I’ll definitely interview her. Yes. The Shaman doesn’t take the information from the spirits on blind faith either because of a different principle. Just as not everyone you ever meet becomes your friend, not every spirit you encounter is your friend. But the way in Shamanism is to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Often times you can come to understand your problems quite clearly when you see the spirit that is the thread between them.

If you seem especially trouble prone, that is often due to an imbalance between you and another spirit. So sometimes when working with the spirits, you have to go father than just the first experience you have. That is where the guide comes in. It often shows up when you are connecting to the spirit world and interrupts your experience to show you that where you currently are is not your answer. This is to prevent you from getting confused and lost. Thus the spirit mentor is also called a spirit guide. They may for a long time never deliver a message to you, but when they show up in your inner world or your outer world, it is always a wake-up call. Like people being woken by an owl, even when it’s just hooting softly, or the squirrel that you can’t help but watch, and you don’t really know why.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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