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The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

Shifting in Reality in Trancework


I feel a twinge in my belly when I get writers block. I feel my trance is not working for me but if I just start I could loosen the blockage. Forcing comes from the trance. It keeps the trance in place. It’s the idea that an activity must be done in a specific way, so you think, “Well, if I just make myself do it …”

There is a simple trance induction process that would break your writers block trance. Do the writer’s block on purpose, and repeatedly. Hold your attention strictly on the idea that you have writers block. Don’t let your mind wander to the supposed reason why you have writers block.

As if I was pushing on a plunger? Yes. Do the writer’s block. The reasons why keep you in the trance. This same thing works for any activity. Shall we all do it?

Try to type words here in chat. Do the trying, nothing else, just do the trying. Tell me when you have had enough. That’s the reason it breaks trances. It is the reason Zen uses its koans.

I just started drumming on my thighs without knowing it. Actually, you noticed it, and you also noticed you don’t have control of it. This is why it seems like you don’t have control of your day to day reality. It’s automatic. Had enough of trying yet? It’s really rather stressful isn’t it? That’s the reason you fall into your daily trance in the first place. It’s easier.

Are relationships, then, a sort of mutual trance? They are, but they can take another form. When the two individuals involved in a relationship (friends, family, or whatever) make communication a conscious activity, then the trance takes on a different form, becomes a living alternate reality rather than a passive object that will before too long decay much like a corpse. The toughest people on the planet are all buried in coffins. You have to lose your mind to find your sense, and then lose your sense to find your heart.

Accepting one’s trance as literal is a sort of coffin. Coffin or palace. One can design their trance to be open ended. It’s only when it’s self-contained that it becomes a coffin. Trance work is an art, the art of shifting in reality and shifting reality around others.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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