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Your inner life is your outer life. Your second life is your first life. Your fantasies are your reality.

Speak Human in Morality


Shall I go into the social control mechanism and how you personally can use it? That inner instinctive mind, they speak to by painting pictures of situations that shift your behaviour, can be influenced by you with your own deliberate thought.

Would you say nurturing a tulip or a house plant is moral? The behaviour our societal morality leads us into, is it nurturing? Using this as the baseline, your inner mind doesn’t use language. It does use feeling to communicate with you. This is why all the old gods seem like avatars of emotion and passion. They are expressions of inner human nature. This part of your mind is and remains childlike. It believes the information it receives from the “higher” regions of the mind, like it will go hungry or it is threatened by other people, but it often doesn’t react in ways we would consider logical or “rational” does it? Like a child, it will tantrum.

Well, here is the strangest news. It is wiser than you. It is the single source of your awareness of life energy, both in you and in other people. Children have amazing empathy. Do adults as a rule?

Is it why it’s hard to ignore someone else who is hungry or afraid? Yes. You want to feed them. Without thought of money or gain, your inner nature just tells you they shouldn’t go hungry. It tells you people shouldn’t weep in emotional let alone physical agony. Now what needs fixing is neither your memetic make-up, or memory, or your inner nature. What needs fixing is the split between the two. Do you, my friends, perceive this split?

Realize what your thoughts are addressing. Realize what your statements are addressing in other people. People have commented in real life that I make them feel strangely peaceful, comfortable, but they can’t identify why. Any ideas about how this could be possible?

I don’t bother speaking to their memetic mask. I often can’t even really understand that content. I speak to this inner nature, and through the course of conversation I coax it out into relating to what is going on around it.

You don’t try and say that their truth is all wrong. Indeed, I don’t try to dictate terms to them. I look for insight from them, not in their thoughts, but instead what happens when they come to be genuinely aware of their own thoughts. Nobody has to have this done for them though. They can do it for themselves. It’s speaking from the heart instead of the wallet, speaking from the imagination rather than a remembered self-image, and it all begins in the attention. I don’t have to speak English, as I was often told to do as a child. What I have to speak is myself. I have to speak human.

So many don’t speak human. Yes. They speak commercial or career. They speak authority or religion. When you speak these other languages, you lock yourself into these memetic filters.

I’m thinking of Johnny 5. He mimics all the commercials until he learns that he has his own voice. People do that too. They just forgot they did, and some still haven’t discovered their own voice.

Perhaps of interest, they have been studying the activity of passionate love in the brain. It takes place in the same part as handles awareness of thirst or hunger or pain.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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