In every practice you find a shadow. But purity is not reviling any part of life.

Spirit In Spirits in Nihilistic Animism

Nihilistic Animism

To anyone new to my Dark Metaphysics classes, the topics tend to run darker than you may be accustomed to hearing. No offense is implied or intended and this class is only offered as a way of broadening ones view of things people often otherwise find scary. That being said, shall we begin?

Is everyone familiar with animism? Animism = Everything that exists, exists for the same reason humans do. Basically, in order for anything to exist it has to have a spirit. No spirit, no reality. Spirits are seen not only as cause but also the reason anything continues to exist, so in that sense a guardian.

This is a basis for most First Nation’s beliefs. It’s why they say things like brother or mother when they speak of trees and animals and places? Yes, and is also why they see problems in ways that include trees and places as well as people. Now some dismiss the view of the world stemming from the spirits in it.

Some offer “spirits” to the spirits. In the original view of alchemy alcohols were thought to have their ability to alter matter because of the spirit in them being an intelligent or near intelligent entity. They had similar theories about health and reproduction as well. So “bad air” also meant bad spirit and was considered the cause of all disease. The fire water had an evil effect as many of the westerners gifts did. Many cultures didn’t developed fermentation not because they couldn’t figure it out, but they just considered the product unfit for consumption. Why would someone deliberately make trash?

But older cultures used other ways such as peyote to induce altered states. Indeed. The effects of anything can be a gift or a curse, sometimes both at turns. No mind altering substances are actually necessary. Time and awareness coupled with clear intention works well and tends to avoid nasty side effects. Different ancestry can influence the effects of alcohol a lot, and actually temperament has the biggest effect. They can even now anticipate how you will behave while drunk. What it actually does is cause a sort of myopic perception.

Is it why some drunks are jolly and others get very withdrawn? Yes. It narrows down your perception to just those primary things that are your habit to observe. So people who tend to look at the big picture tend to not take things too personally even while drunk, and people who are impulsive and obsessively “now” centered are the most likely to become belligerent and even violent.

I was always the guy saying, “I love you, man…no really.” You are a people person. People just become more fully whatever it is they are. I start staring at stuff and smiling a lot.

But today’s topic is nihilistic animism…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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