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  1. Ian Moore

    “Self Paralysis”

    Cataracts clouds the vision of a Da Vinci
    Deafness destroys a Mozart
    Disorientation befuddles a Magellan
    Delayed synapses decays brilliance
    Arthritis cripples the hand of a poet
    Ignorance binds the mind
    Senses shackle the soul
    Cravings like vermin
    Feast on purity
    Lapping up innocence
    Desist, Resist, Stop!
    For a brief moment and an eternity
    The mighty ego is slain

    Ian Moore is a graduate of Penn State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. Moore also holds certifications in creative writing and teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). He has taught English in Busan South Korea, Bangkok Thailand and in the United States. He has published work for the Transitions Abroad website, eHow.com and several other online publications.

  2. Cherylann Gray

    Winter Love

    Calm mountain and cool gentle breezes
    echoes softly throughout the
    whispering pines. A man’s heart
    tunes to nature’s harmony, his
    spoken tender words to
    his beautiful new bride.

    Tiny glittering snowflakes floating
    down, one landing upon the other.
    Cuddling the earth like a father, as he
    blankets his first born on a cold,
    peaceful night.

    Delicately designed crystals forming
    on stained glass panes, are their
    whole lives shared together,
    mapping out the plans
    they’ve made.

    Blowing formation of diamond dust
    bright as a father’s smile when he
    wraps his arms tenderly around
    his newly wedded child.

  3. Adonis Alexander

    Sacred Goddess Within

    “One night a beautiful woman appeared and said…”
    I am she,
    The One Goddess that sleeps,
    In peace, I rest in vacancy.
    I am a mystery,
    Speak! Why have you summoned me?!
    Who provokes me from quiescent sleep?!
    In holy ecstasy,
    Times three, resting on my throne,
    In the secret depths, so all alone!
    I am the sacred,
    Completely free of all hatred.
    Silence! As I rise within, the flesh of your being!
    Blessed be,
    Is he; who has called out to me?!
    I am the resurrection, tremble before me!
    Gaze and behold,
    I am all-powerful; nothing can uphold!
    An undying storm; awake and transform!
    Traversing your spine,
    I seek refuge beyond time, where all things intertwine!
    Come! This living water, enter the Divine!
    Endlessly I climb,
    My countenance trailing behind,
    Transcending the heart of all mankind!
    Beyond the wise,
    Life and light, pouring through your eyes,
    An inextinguishable fire; wake up and arise!
    Invoked in rhyme,
    Soaring into the sublime,
    Like burning flames, eternity unnamed!
    Now we are one,
    Brighter than ten thousand suns,
    A final communion, in this glorious union!
    Face to face,
    Beyond time and space,
    This perfect love has found its righteous place.

  4. Adonis Alexander

    Divine Joy Within

    Written in the book of life, you have captured my heart. I will curse the shadow of doubt away from my thoughts, knowing someday you will be mine. And in that moment I will be reborn. Overjoyed! It will be my rite of passage that leads me to your divine presence. When I arise from mere existence and come to life in the glory of your precious eyes; I will call out your name thirteen times.

    You have awakened my deepest desires and the fire that burns in me. My heart bleeds that someday you will come to me. I want to be tortured by your love. I want to worship your divine beauty and cherish you until the ends of time.

    I will celebrate just knowing you. Naturally, I will be your sun in the heavens and you will be my precious moonlight at night. Upon my flesh and the trunk of every tree, I will carve your name. I will smother you with affection and give you a jeweled crown to rest upon your head.

    I will keep you warm no matter what season this way comes. In the spring, I will open your heart. In the summer I will caress your every part. In the autumn, I will give you flowers and exotic plants of every color from the ends of the earth. And in the winter, the smoldering heat of our love, will keep us warm.

    And if I should die in your arms, do not bury me; leave me in the presence of your peace. Inside your sacred space, I will sacrifice my love to you. And the fertility of your beauty will heal me and I will rise above the opened skies; resurrected by your perfection, I will live within you, eternally.

    Come! Quickly, take hold of my hand as if we are to be wed. For as long as love lasts, as long as I live, I am forever yours. You are every element of my being. The earth in which I stand. The wind in which I breathe. The living water that flows in my blood! You are the fire of life that burns deep inside of me.

    In my spirit, I will draw on my heart the brightest morning star, so I may bring radiance into your gorgeous eyes. I feel with you, my nights are filled with immortal light. For you have invoked the passion of eternal existence beyond the heavens. I long for you to be my guardian and I will be your saint.

    In our secret forest with candles all around, I shall lay naked before you on a sacrificial altar; opened to all. Unafraid of death, I await your angelic call. Yearning with passion, I long for us to intertwine; now we are one. Graciously, I slowly drink the nectar of life from the sacred place that is within you. Truly, I am blessed to quench my thirst of the sweetness that flows from your eternal life, everlastingly.

  5. jaffray geddes

    Words!Words!Trawled up from some centralized belief! Drilled
    into you like a wafer/wine that transmutes into the living
    body of the creator-once a man!Poetical mumbo jumbos decked
    out in all manner of worthless obscurities that abound in
    poetry mags that claim all sorts of perfections as to the
    elite status of the writer MD’S DD’s LLD’S Meaningless laurels, fame by numbers, i have ten books on the shelves how much you,sing us your song ‘mersey dotes & dosey dotes &
    little lambsie divies’look at this nonsense-maker DEHON how
    to make ‘love’ a four-letter word..laugh before sun up and shut up…!!!

  6. Adonis Alexander


    I have set out on a great journey
    My destiny unknown
    In this silent domain
    My heart seeks its throne.

    I have taken an uncharted course
    Each step consuming its own
    This quietude within me
    In silence, freely I roam.

    I have been released and unchained
    Beneath the tree of wisdoms’ name
    My eyes gaze into what cannot be seen
    Awakened as if from a dreamless dream.

    I have moved, without moving on
    Where am I? Where have I gone?
    Without myself, so deeply alone
    I rest in this place now called my Home

    I have touched the untouchable
    Embracing its infinite love
    It sings the sweetest melody
    Without saying a word

    Now, my journey is done
    It ends, exactly where it begun.

  7. Nick Hayward


    In Spring new messages descend
    Unravelling from the One:
    Each flower at dawn begs you to bend
    And bless the rising sun.

    Rain softly falls, delightfully,
    Spring rain, loved like no other,
    That Life may drink, delightedly,
    Milk from the eternal Mother.

  8. Nick Hayward


    I should be astounded at the Body –
    At the bones, the threading veins, the perfect
    Blood, breath, and driving brain, and lucent
    Each part a potent genius of labour,
    Each part compact with every other part –
    But I am mostly numb to the miracle of the flesh,
    And the greater miracle of what it contains:
    I find pale reflections of God in sages, or in
    songs, or in the hypnotic contractions and
    expansions of inorganic nature, that
    marvellous magic-lantern show;
    And I treat my body, my amazing, luminous body,
    Like an old worn sack in which to dump my rubbish,
    Or like dry sticks to kindle fitful lust,
    And I never think of it:
    But go on casting my myopic eyes around the
    Universe for clues to His impenetrable nature,
    Picking up faint crumbs of knowledge and trying to
    make a loaf of them!

  9. Adonis Alexander

    The Lost Diamond

    At the dawn of time, there was a man who fell into a deep sleep with his beloved diamond resting upon his chest and the next day when he arose, he discovered that his beautiful diamond was gone. Unbeknown to him, that great jewel that he cherished so much had fallen deep within him, hidden away in the furthest depth of his heart. Needless to say, he was deeply depressed, discontented and full of sorrow. His whole life became darkness. He looked everywhere for it, endlessly. His entire life was full of misery because he had lost his precious diamond, which illuminated his whole life. Eventually, as time passed, he gave up his search and forgot about it all together. Then, one day, when his sorrow had reached its lowest depth, a wise man came to speak with him and this is what he said.

    Listen, young man, for I am the mouth of all wisdom.

    So please, do listen closely to the voice of intelligence.

    For I realize that you have lost a great treasure,

    That in which you cherished with all your heart.

    Know that I have come so that you may find it.

    For like you, I too once lost my beloved as well.

    Therefore, I have come to point it out to you,

    In fact, you will see that it is very simple.

    Now, you must first realize that you have searched everywhere.

    You have looked outside, in this world both day and night, yes?

    You have asked everybody that you see across all the land, yes?

    You have exhausted your entire search and then you gave up, yes?

    Now, what if I told you there is one place in which you did not look?

    What if I told you to look within yourself for that precious jewel?

    That great treasure in which you desire and long to see.

    It is that eternal wonder that is calling for you now.

    Do not marvel because I am telling you that it is within you.

    Do not falter that I speak with certainty of finding that which you seek.

    The key is to understand what took place and how you lost that treasure.

    My friend, you are not awake, and you are sound asleep as if in a dream.

    I have come not to awaken you but to show that you are asleep.

    When you see that you are asleep, that brings its own transformation.

    Observe the fact that you are asleep and that will awaken you.

    It is the power of seeing that awakens you to that magnificent essence.

    As you listen to my words, you begin to notice how your mind becomes quiet.

    You can feel yourself become completely still and watchful deep inside.

    Quietly, observing every movement of your mind, emotions and thoughts.

    Listen with great intent to all that you see, hear, think and feel.

    For this is the secret pathless way which leads within to your kingdom.

    Watch and observe with all your heart, everything that is in and around you.

    This is the burning of darkness and delusion that clouds all man.

    This fire of wisdom consumes the illusions and dreams of ignorance.

    It is here, which leads to the pathless route of your sacred treasure.

    That diamond is calling you as you listen to these words of wisdom.

    It is here and now that you may look through the veil of darkness.

    It is at this very moment that you are awakening to that glorious sight.

    Realize in this moment, dear friend that in which you seek, awaits you.

    It is only through grace and glory that great treasure awakens within you.

    Because you seek and long for this, with all your heart for the beloved,

    It is now that you may come face to face with that sacred treasure,

    Marvel at its greatness, wonder of all wonders, mystery of all mysteries,

    That glorious vision that is life, love, intelligence and peace beyond all things.

  10. Adonis Alexander

    Anthem of the Unknown

    Realize, I am the end of man

    Right and wrong does not exist in me

    I am the source of all things

    Be still and I will come to you

    Here and now is the entrance to my kingdom

    Neither night nor day is found in me

    All that you need to find me is within you

    Humanity holds the key to my door

    Unknown and untouchable for eternity,

    Rest in me only

    The beginning and the end; you shall see,

    I am the eternal Glory.

  11. Adonis Alexander

    Dear Beloved

    Dear Beloved,

    Today, I thank you

    Without a doubt, you are my all in all

    My one and only true friend.

    In you, I can trust always

    In you, there is eternal peace.

    Today, I honor your holy presence

    You are the glory that brings me joy

    You are the purity from beyond

    You are my weakness and my salvation

    I give my all to you, always.

    It is your brilliance that shines in me

    It is your wonder that has me enamored

    Now that we are one all illusions are no more

    Inseparable, we are one and the same, my only beloved.

  12. Zihera Inaka


    Her words
    whispered in my ears like lemon drops
    sweet and tart against my tongue
    She calls to me
    from inside and out
    beckoning me to follow
    into the woods
    amongst the trees
    where the scent of pine fills my nostrils
    or perhaps beside the ocean
    where the salty air is whipped
    about me by the howling wind
    She whispers to me
    in swirls
    moving too fast to understand
    but slow enough to comprehend
    For these are my thoughts
    as well as hers
    she is me
    I am her
    we are one
    again for a time
    my soul cries out
    I pause to hear

  13. Kori

    The Summons

    A dragon soars out on the horizon
    waiting for magic to return.

    The Chill assaults our senses
    as the season’s indifferent movement shifts.
    I feel the dark empty space of the cosmos
    speak softly
    like it has been waiting eternity
    for me to listen.

    (Yes I have heard you summons me…)

    Some ancient secret has escaped
    Some initiation is about to begin
    Bone-shattering chills awaken me
    in the dead of night
    I am hunted by light
    it torments my dreamtime.

    (Yes I have heard you summons me…)

    The water in me
    holds a mysterious mystery
    An inferno of love rages and thus
    I only know ashes
    The Earth requests me to enter
    for the last time
    The air travels deep inside
    in search for a lost desire

    (Yes I hear your summons)

    My body vibrates with expectation
    I am a shifting mirror
    An initiate following a hidden torch
    to a forgotten door

    (Yes, I will come…)

    When the solar-love returns
    and releases her wicked wind
    I will rise
    to meet the phoenix,

    the shift,
    the wave of being ascending.

    And the Dragon yearns for its companions,
    the magicians to return…
    Out on the horizon is where magic begins.

    Kori 2011

  14. Eleanor Leech

    Living is Forgiving

    Living is forgiving, forgive me like I forgive you. Forgive this life of pain. So what’s wrong and what’s right when it’s all from my sight? what’s right is what’s right to you and what’s right to me is being me. I’m as strong as the rocks resting on paper. I’m as rare as the butterfly see it flutter. Do you see the tears in these eyes pour out like the rain from the skies.

    These are tears of joy like a child with a toy. These are tears of bliss like a snakes hiss. I am more than this body, I am more than these words, I am beyond me, beyond what I see. See what I see. Run away with me where we can smile and live, where we can dance and give. Where we can have fun and live as one, live as one, live as one.

    We are words in this existence of curiosity, ripping away what’s ours to create a monstrosity. Person after person around me in this invisible air we breathe. If I live in this world, then this world is mine. But all I am given is a shrine, to prove I was. I am here now just like you, see past the words and name and see we are the same, we are the same, we are the same.

  15. Rob Willard

    A hidden world

    Imagine a world alongside our own
    where the dead and darkened souls roam.
    A place where one day we will all call home.
    be it a short stay or for many years to come.

    As the day passes by, this world stays still
    unaware of time and the laws of the physical.
    It seems we all go about our day,
    Unaware of our real lives and the part we play.

    For we are too busy to see what is there
    A millions things to keep our minds unaware
    Looking out when we should be looking within
    And realize our potential as a human being.

    Children often are able to perceive
    but struggle to find those that believe.
    Growing up to suit others views
    Shutting out and forgetting the truth.

    If you are curious to see what’s so great
    There are a few ways to open this gate
    Dreams are a good start and to meditate
    You’ll soon start to feel your body vibrate.

    Once you have visited this mysterious place
    You may find your previous perception displaced
    Is it all in the mind or was it just a dream
    I was safe before in what I previously perceived

    Perhaps science has the answer we seek
    It’s all hallucinations, your mind is weak
    Thank you science for telling me
    how to perceive my own reality.

    To end I will leave you with this
    Its is a miracle that we all exist
    To believe we are the only beings around
    Is why our race is still on the ground.

    Rob Willard

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