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  1. Pavel

    My kids, not all our souls came from the same worlds,
    although we all have the appearance of men.
    Unique is your life on this planet full of evil colds,
    and eternal death or eternal life in the end.

    You know nothing, my children,
    since the lie of the other kind darkened your eyes.
    There is a gate of death that you have to walk through,
    to could eternally live to never again be him who dies.

    But it will stop you to never get there and make you lose your soul,
    they’ll bring you into the world that is dark as a black coal.

    If you are very young, true and chosen,
    before the age of consent be careful most,
    since you’re the sacrificed children,
    and they can get you, but when – who knows.

    They won’t want you to get to the sacred place,
    where one can see the God’s Holy face.
    Never trust anyone and don’t speak about what you saw,
    be silent and pretend being stupid to live longer and more.

    I saw wise bad men that never taught their pupils truly,
    who created churches with bad theology to teach you all wrongly.
    Then they sit on the thrones of this blind world to reign over you,
    watching the gate of death to lock the door of paradise before you.

    Seek knowledge not in thousand churches, not in millions books designed for you,
    but rather search what has always been hidden from you.

    I cannot tell you more, since my mouth is being closed,
    to don’t be allowed to help you learn and grow,
    to never let me reveal, what is left for you to know.

  2. Stefano medel

    dovrei scrivere
    una poesia per te,
    una poesia telligente;
    che copra questo foglio bianco,
    come la neve e il ghiaccio,
    che c’è fuori,
    che scacci il freddo,
    che occupi il vuoto;
    una poesia telligente,
    per te,
    che dica tante cose,
    di un po’ di tutto,
    e di un po’ di niente;
    che arrivi al tuo cuore,
    che ti dica qualcosa,
    che ti convinca,
    a non essere distratta,
    una poesia telligente,
    per farti capire di noi,
    per dirti cose di me,
    che non ti ho detto mai;
    in somma,
    una poesia sul serio,
    in onda sul tuo cuore,
    un po’ seria,
    un po’ faceta,
    che ti faccia sorridere,
    ma anche un po’ riflettere;
    una poesia telligente,
    che faccia pensare a tutto,
    e a niente..

  3. Kage

    Sincerely Yours

    When will this world change,
    When nobody will pass the blame,
    And continue to destroy,
    With games they employ,
    We live in a dream
    Asleep and awake,
    My heart will break,
    Another day,
    Another way,
    Another second
    Goes by reckoned,
    While I fly,
    Ever so spry,
    Through the hostilities,
    The possibilities,
    The impossibilities,
    To see my friends,
    Diminish their
    Sheer greatness,
    Their talents,
    Their wellness,
    And fare, conforming,
    Unwittingly storming,
    Toward another fate,
    How can I sleep,
    Eat, or compete
    Knowing that I will
    Not see that which I need,
    Until I, withdrawn,
    Simply and purely go,
    Quid pro quo,
    My mind searches for
    The cool crystal waters
    Of serenity,
    The delicate innocence
    Of a soft flower.

  4. Cheryl

    Her Heaven is Our Life
    Her heaven is a library, brimming with books
    Our lives are written with in the pages
    Reading the chapters, following along
    Guiding with her mothers love and light
    The narrators are all her family, her proud legacy,
    We are all her precious ones

    In my thoughts, she is not really gone
    As Grandma’s voice fans my senses
    Singing softly, soothing
    Breezing through my soul
    A scent of lilacs lingers
    Awakening instant awareness
    She is there, so close
    My skipping heart calms,
    Laughs, feels joy
    Be still, be smiling
    I shall write for her
    a happy ending
    She’d love that.

    ~Cheryl Watt

  5. Fluffy Heliosense

    Like mind Rendezvous

    When love has been made
    And all the dead have awoken
    I come to your side
    unseen and untold
    When eyes see beyond
    You come by my side
    inkind and inside
    Shining the darkness in my heart
    Drink Me
    When love has been made

  6. Maleka Sharay

    © 1998 Portrait of the Artist by Maleka Sharay
    Spin, spin, spin
    I saw you standing there
    With a tear in your eye
    How did you get inside?
    I left the doors all locked
    I thought that you were gone

    Must be a dream I’m in
    How could you be for real?
    I want to be with you
    And you don’t need a mask
    To hide yourself from just me

    Open your heart for me
    Let me in your soul
    Dying is all that we ever do
    And I’m so busy here…
    I’ve got no time for a friend

    But I don’t regret
    Anything that I’ve done
    With my time and don’t you see…
    What it is I do with my life?

  7. Adonis Alexander

    I Can Never Say Goodbye
    (written for Michael Jackson, R.I.P. 1958 -2009)

    From this life I have passed
    There is no need to be sad
    I am not the first and I will not be the last.

    Today you may mourn as I sleep
    You may cry and even weep
    From the bondage of this world, I am free.

    Know that I have lived my whole life
    Through my friends, I will survive
    Because of you, in truth, I will never die.

    You are filled with great sorrow
    Forgotten moments now follow
    A brighter day awaits you all, tomorrow.

    We may say, farewell to yesterday
    But, in your eyes, I can never say goodbye
    Let go of me, without asking why.

    You may be hurting now
    As much as your heart will allow
    Know that all things must change; somehow.

    I know that you still really care
    Of remembered times we use to share
    In your heart, I am always there.

    I have done all I think is right
    My days have no more nights
    I have crossed into the eternal light.

    And, although I am gone
    You will never be alone
    Cause together… we are forever and ever…

  8. Mae Najjar

    An Enlightened Marriage

    Two Yin and Yang paths cycled and wound,
    Independently over the ground.
    Transcending to the field of no sound.

    The first, a gentle wave of emotion.
    The latter, diligent in his motions.
    Neither had foreseen the coming devotion.

    Their karma has merged them into one.
    All proprieties are said and done.
    Ahead there is bliss along the final run.

    May the Almightly bless this conscious union.
    Keep them wary of perils to this fusion.
    So that love and harmony are the only conclusion.

  9. Mae Najjar

    Unbounded Love

    In my life I’ve experienced many forms of love;
    The possessive love a man feels for a woman.
    The tender love a mother feels for her child.
    The sisterly and brotherly love of siblings.

    But never had I known the purest and truest love,
    Until the moment my soul vibrated in response to yours.
    I felt the beauty and gentleness of an evolved soul.
    I sensed the compassion of a kindred spirit.

    It began with your calm soothing voice,
    Your sweet smile that could invoke bliss, and
    A tender gaze that made me feel cherished.
    All emotions I had rarely known before.

    And yet I still remained blinded to the purity of this love,
    Until limited human perception made you misunderstand me.
    Your words cut deeply, but I did not retaliate. You see
    What seeped from those cuts was an unbounded sea of love!

  10. sonya


    The question is not what is seems to be
    listen to me carefully I’ll explain & you’ll see
    Here lately I ask myself sentences or questions I suppose
    But here lately in the back of my mind many answers arose
    When you ask yourself a question the question is the answer
    To know this insight I looked deep inside and revealed I was a glancer.
    One who see what or what he may not want to see
    And the very answer to all questions lie within me
    No longer do I seek advice but now I seed the light
    No more use information & advice I have my insight
    Use to ask the preacher where love ones go when they die
    Why do preachers say some of them sent to hell to fry
    You’ll never imagine the other foolishness that he said
    The senseless words he muttered caused confusion in my head
    I use to ask my Science teacher questions he would ignore
    For instance I would ask were there many worlds once before
    Use to ask the shrink did I really a ball of fire in the sky
    To be told my imagination was one that make believe & lie
    So now I learn to trust me and the insight that was there all along the answer to anything under and above the sky!

  11. Dehon

    The Message

    I AM here to deliver a Message
    I AM the Light at the end of the tunnel
    I AM the tunnel
    I AM you
    You are the Light at the end of the tunnel
    You are Light
    Vibrating at the frequency of your choice
    The higher the frequency, the brighter the Light
    I AM vibrating in Platinum Light
    Your Soul is Platinum Light
    You are vibrating in the frequency of your Soul
    You are aligned with your Soul
    Alignment creates Clarity
    You are a Creator
    Creators are Clear
    Clarity creates Wisdom
    You are Wise
    Wisdom creates Humility
    You are Humble
    Humility creates Power
    You are Power
    Power creates Love
    You are Love
    You have the freed will to choose Love
    Love is Power
    Power is Humility
    Humility is Wisdom
    Wisdom is Clarity
    Clarity is Enlightenment
    You are In-Lighted
    You are in Light
    I AM Light
    You are in Love
    I AM love
    You are LOVE
    Choose LOVE
    Be Love
    My Beloved, BE – I AM

  12. Dehon


    As I sit down to be still
    I open my Inner-Ears and Eye.
    I AM here to do thy Will.
    Every Body can fly.

    We are here to BE your LOVE.
    That is what it’s all about.
    Open above me, like a dove,
    I want to let it out.

    I AM a Light-Being,
    Am not only this dense mass.
    The time is NOW to be seeing
    This old, earth-age pass.

    A long time ago,
    Before the, so-called, Fall,
    We could move to and throe,
    Knowing we’re part of ALL.

    Then we stayed longer, and longer
    In our physical form.
    The denseness became stronger,
    It became – the norm.

    The Light faded slowly,
    Eternity blocked from our view,
    Our origin erased from memory,
    We had no time for something new.

    Duality came into existence.
    Suddenly things were good – or bad.
    Better times got its place in the distance.
    Happiness was fleeting – everyday living sad.

    Some tried to make things better,
    Others couldn’t care less.
    ‘Life’s a bitch, then you die!’ they utter.
    We believed we’re stuck in this mess.

    The ‘in’ thing was survival –
    Getting most of all we thought we need.
    People were separated and tribal.
    Men spread, like wild-fire, their seed.

    One dared to think different –
    To ask questions were damned as evil.
    He saw a Higher Being’s imprint,
    Someone working from another level.

    The asking resulted in answers –
    We were not alone, it seemed.
    One thinker became many askers.
    The Big Picture could be revealed!

    Messengers were sent here –
    Many of them simply, killed.
    They shouted, “Love! Don’t fear”,
    Appeared to shepherds in a field.

    The Big Light was born,
    His job to show us The Way –
    The one we forgot that pre-history dawn.
    He changed the Fall to the Rise on Friday.

    Ever since then we’ve been rising,
    Our Lights shining brighter and brighter.
    Some still think we’re fantasising,
    They’ll catch up – become lighter.

    Oh! The Day, the Time, the Hour –
    And it’s getting nearer as you read –
    When ALL will once again flower,
    The moment Earth and Sky meet!

    The illusion is fading now,
    Reality is lifted up.
    You can see this with your Brow,
    Drink from the Living-Water cup.

    Now we know ‘Believing is Seeing’,
    And not the other way around.
    So, check what you’ve been dreaming,
    And know – you’re on Holy Ground!

    Let’s ALL sit down to be still
    With opened Inner-Ears and Eye.
    We are here to do thy Will.
    Every Body can fly!


  13. Chris

    Lost in a chasm she found me,
    face coming to life as I approached.

    She was there waiting tirelessly.
    My endless quest was finally done.

    Still hidden from sight she leapt in the dark,
    and started me with a brush of her lips.

    Quickened and lured I was by her warmth,
    her breath sweet as sunrise in mist.

    Outside of time, our first embrace,
    with the scent of a love long ago.

    Her hair ablaze with fiery red,
    deep emerald pools were her eyes.

    Electric waves surged upwards and down.
    Her love was now lances of fire.

    “Courage beloved” she says. “Let go”. 
    “Hold nothing now but me”.

    We are free! We are complete!
    You’re around and inside me.

    No harbor remains for the sick and profaned,
    my demons born by her absence.

    Her love is unending, the Absolute.
    She’s the Ancient of Days and the dancing young maiden.

    Mysterious and intimate,
    intoxicating and pure.

    You are my soul.
    Great Queen.
    Dear maiden.

    Dance for me now,
    further into the chasm.

    I abandon all to the chase.
    May I never be found.

  14. Jeffrey Holloway-Sewell

    Waves rise and fall,
    they reach and claw,
    for the sandy beach.

    While ocean whole,
    the bore holds sole;
    from the one comes each.

    In life they cline,
    In death they pine,
    unaware of why

    By ebb and flow,
    they come and go,
    from what’s in the sky

    They seek and search,
    upon the earth,
    fruitlessly they swoon.

    If they’d sit still
    in movement nil
    They would know the moon.

    By Jeffrey Holloway-Sewell

  15. Ajna Wata


    When the light of awareness bumps up against concrete form, a shadow is cast.

    So, too, does knowledge imitate observation. They can resemble each other, but never completely.

    A blind person filled with awe-inspiring wonder has more vision than anyone full of knowledge.

    Awareness, observation and a smile alone are real. All else fades like clouds in the morning sun.

    To be a good friend, see things as they are. Don’t think too much.

    The best spiritual support is resonance of heart and mind.

    Everything you think you know crumbles too easily to the ground.

    Delight in the flashlight beams of peoples’ gaze,

    See through their eyes,

    Honor their perspective

    And meet them where they are.

    No matter what’s going on, it’s okay to shine.

    It’s safe. Don’t be afraid.

    Your smile is crooked!

    Keep checking the mirror and notice

    How tension seeks to subdue such radiant lips.

    Breathe like the bellows stoking a clay-oven.

    Glowing embers in the heart, navel & crown alight to flame,

    Heating up with every passing breath.

    This is the domain of the soul,

    the seat of true beingness here and now.

    Will the soul ever learn to be more of itself,

    And less like the mind thinks it should be?

    You have mastery within you, but you will never know it.

    The purpose of the mind has never been to validate the soul,

    But to serve it.

    The heart gives voice to the soul,

    like the chambers of a flute give voice to the wind.

    To speak only thus is authenticity.

    Such sincerity the mind could never pre-conceive,

    But only open up to,


    And yield to

    In every golden moment.

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