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You Experience You


What things become associated with what other things has nothing to do with those supposedly independent things. There are no independent things. Even you are not an independent thing. What gets associated with the next thing depends on your personal… Seek More

You Are The World


How much of your life seems autonomous? How much of your life experience seems to happen on it’s own? A lot more than I previously thought.¬†Science would say it all does. It’s a very popular view in the mainstream scientific… Seek More

We Are Meant to be Active Components


How do you know when you are thinking? To know that you are thinking there has to be a you and then there has to be thinking, something the you does.¬†If thinking is something the you does, then it shouldn’t… Seek More

Do You Know Yourself?


I don’t mean for today to be an introductory talk on meditation. I have already done that work before. I hope to get to the essence of the meditative practice and experience. Is everyone already familiar with meditation in one… Seek More

More Than One Field of Privilege


Now the metaphysics of all this… There are layers to this issue of privilege, depth beyond most peoples consideration. So as for the depth, there is the politically correct model of privilege which is not talked about or acknowledged but… Seek More

Barriers to Success


So, people hate and fear the underprivileged. Why is that? We instinctively greet any evidence of sickness, weakness or disturbance with a very visceral disgust. I don’t think people necessarily fear the underprivileged. They fear criminals. For example, the Amish… Seek More

Social Evil


So why is privilege seen as a social evil? Why is it supposed to be a disallowed thing? Privilege that is not deserved. How do we determine someones deserving status? It’s only the lower classes that think they want what… Seek More

The Point of Discrimination


So what is the point of all this discrimination? Manage supply to meet demand. And my previous question, what if as a hard and fast rule, we didn’t trust anything or anyone? What would that be like? I am pretty… Seek More

Are We Socially Identical?


I must start with a question. Are we all socially identical? Yes and no. Society wants us to think we aren’t. Is everyone equally prepared to utilize any resource given them? No. I think so. I find the people least… Seek More

Platonic Dynamics

Alchemical Life

Are these alchemical life forms considered to exist in the astral? Ah, indeed. In the region of platonic forms which could also be described as platonic dynamics. So their physical body in another dimension? Though in fact no static region… Seek More