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Portal Based Consciousness


Brain wave frequencies are temporal frequencies, and when you drop down into the theta band, you sync up with the geomagnetic field around us. This opens a portal, and your consciousness shifts into an atemporal space which is where most… Seek More

Temporal Portal in Action


An example of a temporal portal distorting causal relationships… Ever intend to do something, even find yourself imagining doing it, but you know you never did it, and when you finally get around to doing it it was already done,… Seek More

The Final Strawman by Ade Sluzky

Ade Sluzky

Zarathustra stepped out of Plato’s cave to face the music of the spheres of influence. He saw straw men building houses of cards. Paper tigers were prowling the silver lining around the clouds. Many hands were making light work whilst… Seek More

Portal Effect


In general, the portal effect has a deeper meaning and impact on the mind than even science is realizing right now. We define our space and experience by it as much as we do by our sensory impressions. It forms… Seek More

Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind


Portals. We are (each of us) sensitive to far more than we are conscious of. Through long exposure you have absorbed patterns of information that you haven’t begun to process. The brain just sort of adapts. One scientist is now… Seek More

Get Grounded in the Body

Quantum Cheshire Cat

The working mechanism is holographic. The process of realization is the reference stream. Left to itself it’s blank of information, very bland, but has the innate potential to be responsive, and what it’s responsive to is the working beam of… Seek More

How to Extend to New Energy Structures

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So how to use this? Tensions. Even strictly speaking from what is still a materialistic and increasingly more orthodox point of view, our neurons change shape, form new synapses or close down old synapses due to tensions built up by… Seek More

You Assembling You

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So far does it seem like you are a passive object in this distributed system of physics and information? Passive, hell yes, too passive. Just letting the current take me wherever. You are not. Learning, observation, the constant stream of… Seek More

Beyond the Body

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So with the Quantum Cheshire Cat effect, let’s say we wanted to measure all the physical traits that come together to make you as a physical object, yes? If we tried to point our testing device directly at you, where… Seek More

Quantum Level

Quantum Cheshire Cat

The Quantum Cheshire cat is a paradox that is proving to be true. What it amounts to is, though we think of things as being concrete objects, having distinct characteristics, the supposed object and its traits are not necessarily one… Seek More