'Identity' Chapter


Many are identified by what their ego has accomplished or allowed them to accomplish. They attribute that value to the ego, where the ego was just a window. It’s often argued we need an identity. I don’t in the least disagree, we certainly do, but we shouldn’t mistake the finger for the moon it’s pointing at. We need this being that we are, and need to not sabotage it with doubt, or a belief that in any way who we are is insignificant or invalid. If it were, then how in this infinite world did we arise at all?

Your way isn’t out of order. Your feelings aren’t out of control. There is change, but this is necessary. It’s life, and living things need flow.

“I’ve grown certain that the root of all fear is that we’ve been forced to deny who we are.” Frances Moore Lappe

“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.” Richard R. Grant

“The identity of one changes with how one percieves reality.” Vithu Jeyaloganathan

What Is Identity?

We are going to talk about identity. First, I will ask people: Who are you? I am me! Hard question. And this is good. Who is me? Good extenuating question. Me is not thee? Ah, but is negative definition real… Seek More

Who Has Fear?

Is anyone experiencing an emotion in a chronic way that they don’t like? Yeah, would you define fear as an emotion? Yes, I would. I’m not fond of fear, and being introverted, it scares me to say something though it… Seek More

Who Is Impatient?

Everyone recall a time in which you were impatient. Everyone who stands in a line getting groceries?  Especially if you went shopping while you were hungry. Now ask yourself this, who is it that’s being impatient? The ego in a… Seek More

All You Need

Now here is a big revelation, and yet is perhaps the most simple truth I know. How many emotions do you have? Probably an infinite number. Countless or one? I’m not sure I can feel more than one at any… Seek More

Sense of Identity

The subject is identity. It’s a pretty intense issue. When asked about who they are people often just say “I’m me”, and this is true, but in all likelihood they carry around identifications with roles and feelings and circumstances even… Seek More

Who Is Me?

What is this me?  There is a simple practice of inquiry that can lead to very deep insight. What is this me, and who is asking? It’s me. Yes, but we often still get caught up in life, even if… Seek More

Good Enough

By definition, is anything you can observe, you? Or is it something you have? Are your body and mind somehow in charge? Did you see something beautiful today? You only saw yourself. Did you see something ugly? You also only… Seek More

Defined by Relationship

What matters? How do we know what matters? That there is something instead of nothing? We guess? We feel? Compassion. What makes us feel healthy. Even nothing matters. What do we do when we know what matters? Smile. Try to… Seek More

Valuing Yourself

Are you your name? Many people have traditionally and even in the contemporary era reacted quite defensively over affronts to their “name.” To the Wari people of Brazil, you are not a single identity but a set of identities, all… Seek More

What Matters is Stories

How do we know what matters to ourselves as persons? We have to look inside of ourselves to know what really matters to us as a person. By what we do? I need a thicker layer of skin. Our boundaries… Seek More