In my experience, reason neither enables nor supports empathy or social justice.

State of Society in Self


Human behaviors we consider evil come from a learned sense of perversion of natural desires and drives. There is no upside to frustration for its own sake. It doesn’t make us wiser, and instead will in time make us less sane.

Ergo, sociopaths among us. Yes, as they have come to believe that is the real way to gratify their need for self-actualization, though in fact it twists and impairs it instead. This is what gives rise to the rebel without a cause archetype, or rebel without a clue to put it more bluntly.

Have you noticed the huge upswing in popularity of dark imagery and dark role models in recent popular culture?

It shows up online in Second Life, too. Yes. Second life is a powerful call to self-actualization as it is the only need you have to gratify in Second Life. Avatars don’t need to eat and sleep.

Now let’s look at the state of society and compare it back to this recent social trend. How are our communities right now across the world?

In a lot of stress just to stay alive. Struggling to keep up. Frustration on all social levels. Even the powers that be, the 1%, are seeing things very darkly right now. Everyone fears what the other person might do. The rich fear the poor. Nations fear each other. The advocates for progress fear the ecological agenda. There is some small measure of truth being recognized in all this fear, but is it shifting things very much yet? People even fear themselves as they are afraid that they are the greedy parasites the media paints humans as. Everyone fears they are the vampire, so they are acting out the old saw of “When in Rome…”

Will it actualize in spite of efforts pro or con? It will in time, yes, because in the end we all want to survive, and we all sense wrong when life itself becomes poisoned as a rule rather than an exception.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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