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Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

Structure Of Consciousness in Consciousness


A friend of mine told me that we communicate to the earth through our throat chakra. Each energy center or chakra operates in a form of parallel processing, and the parallel processing brings me to the question of structure of consciousness.

Consciousness is a spectrum starting from what could be called the zero point. The zero point is not an absence of consciousness, but is consciousness in such a generalized state that it has no object. No specificity or self awareness as we know it. In some schools, this force of consciousness is called the logos or universal Om more or less synonymous with God.

At the stage just above this you have originating differentiation. The dynamic that reproduces things in its image, separate the waters from the waters, that sort of thing. Spontaneous particles and anti particles make up this level of consciousness, and its level of consciousness is so pervasive that it cannot be localized. It’s the level of consciousness that identified itself as, “I am that I am.”

Holy ghost? Yes. The quantum ghost in the machine. The originator of all lower consciousnesses.

Below this we have the level of cosmological consciousness. Or above, the progression is misleading as there is no separation to define a progression by. No place where one leaves off and another begins.

Like a gradient, rainbow of consciousness. Yes, indeed.

The level of cosmological consciousness is the first stage at which we begin to notice things that have awareness anything like our own. The cosmic structures interact with and communicate with each other. Perhaps the ones we identify with easiest are the planetary consciousnesses. These are commonly seen as angelic beings or things like that.

God is one end of the spectrum and we are the other? Yes, exactly, and the God consciousness is implicate in us. It’s the only reason we can be conscious.

Are we gamma rays or infrared? For the sake of metaphor, yes, though progressive entropy as a model of cosmic progress is getting more and more holes punched in it. So the infrared may not be what it seems to be.

It’s at the level of planetary consciousness that you begin to see the differentiation that allows for the rise of animal like forms of consciousness, and to clarify the earlier statement, the theory that our universe is going to burn out seems to be more and more unlikely.

You mean planetary like Jupiter? I do, but not all planetary consciousness are in agreement there. They do not have a consensus on the animal level processes.

Angels are on the same level as Gaia? Well, the archons are on the same level as Gaia, yes. The angelic beings give rise to offspring for lack of a better term, lesser angels if you will, elemental entities, devic forms, dragons and things like that. This stage of consciousness is known as the dream time or spirit world.

I’d love to tell role players that angels are similar to dragons. They are indeed. Governing entities differing in character and temperament. Different evolutionary paths, but same level of being.

Like a mayor and a count. Yes. The river lords and the archons do indeed communicate. The dragons Typhon and Leviathan do answer to the angelic powers.

Leviathon is a sea dragon? Is indeed, yes.

Typhon is air? Also true, and they along with their brothers and sisters gave rise to lesser dragons as well. Absu, also known as Fafnir, is not a big fan of humans, but other dragons are big patrons of humanity.

So what is a dragon exactly? Dragons are elemental consciousnesses. Spirits of the forces of the universe. They are not the only such entities, but they are perhaps some of the most evolved humans have ever encountered.

Are they related to the reptilian creatures we think about? In a loose sense yes, and their reptilian links actually illustrate their connection to us. They are our precursors, our ancestors. They had a hand in our evolution, just not the only one.

Are they related to the other-dimensional evolution of the dinosaurs? They were and had a hand in their emigration from earth as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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