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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Take Back Thinking in Regret


I make the point of being present in my life, experiencing consciously. This is a good attitude to sustain. It’s also potentially challenging as the mind is very busy and quite good at attention getting. This is its function, but does that mean we have to have even that conflict?

The thinking mind has no intention. By any process of thinking can you be motivated to do anything? Perhaps more thinking if you are enjoying the stimulation of that, but even that enjoyment isn’t thinking. The role of thinking can be taken back from the habit of regret. In the practice of regret, your thinking is taken up in analysis and judgement of a past “failure”, something you can’t at this moment affect.

The purpose of thinking is not to replace or ape intention. It’s not even possible, and all you get is a twisted concept that in the end is emotionally damaging.

The purpose of thinking is either to focus or elaborate intention, that’s all. Identify a focus or generate new potential focuses to allow actualization of that intention. I promise you will act on your intentions no matter what anyway. It’s a biological imperative. The character of your actions and what makes them regrettable or acceptable is not your intention.

Illuminates your way? Indeed it does. You are what you are, and it’s ok to know what you are and in knowing accept.

I am a stream of consciousness thinker. Ah, you have a big step up on the practice of non-doing then.

I regret very little. It is the acceptance of where and how I ‘stand’ at every point. Excellent. 🙂

What determines the character of your actions is the focus of your attention. Your attention determines your reality. Your actions will always be in coherence with your reality, which is your attention. If your attention is on cheating, then everything and everyone is a cheat. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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