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Tantric Practice in Tantra


Normally, Tantric rites are observed in a very sacramental way. Selective diet before the coming together, contemplative meditation, prayer to ready the participants mentally and emotionally because during the embrace there is surrender. Totally for the female, and surrender in the context of the forms for the male.

The actually embrace is not hastened through. It is seen much like meditation or communion. Giving into the sexual response and not seeking an end to that tension nor to lessen sexual tension. It is considered a manifestation of the sexual power of the divinity, and the sexual power is considered the raw sacrament of life. To spurn sexual tension in Tantra is to deny life.

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Men do this. The heresy in Tantra is not women seeking sexual union. That is a blessing of Kali considered spiritually sound. It’s in that men fail Kali, thus she is often shown with mens heads forming a girdle around her waste. It’s not a punishment. It’s the fact that they fail to know her and thus self destruct. They do not benefit from her wisdom.

Consider this, you likely know men who are afraid of women. This doesn’t mean they are gay or even that they don’t have female partners, but they have a way about them. A timidity do they not, and it isn’t just toward women? Many do fit that role. The computer geek is notoriously afraid of women even if in the same turn they desire them. This timidity, which often contributes to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, seems to undermine all aspects of their life does it not? In how they relate?

Tantra has no concept of sin except for perhaps actually violating the sacred union. An actual assault of your partner is forbidden, but even the meek man is not considered unworthy. Any who could honour the path of union and show their dedication are welcome to partake.

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