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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

The Exchange in Mediumship


Humanity doesn’t see clearly into the, let’s say, hyperspace between dimensions. So images do get projected onto our mental screens and they have a low degree of resolution. Sort of like the scenes from the movie The Sixth Sense, people see horrible things because their instinct twists the image and distorts what they are actually receiving.

The “talking head” is the current state of humanity in accessing the exchange, like computer networking was before the internet.

Does this twisted mediumship (talking heads) have anything to do with why tribal hunters might have wanted peoples heads? It actually does, as it was believed that a spirit did not automatically find its way free of the body. They took the head to keep the spirit captive, otherwise they believed the spirit could cause them problems, for natural reasons really. I would be angry if someone killed me also.

Are all murdered spirits stuck here? No. Some murdered spirits are better equipped to deal with the reality of their death than others, but all murders do record on the world itself. Akashic record, if you will, and the energies generated do work themselves out even if no vengeful spirit is behind it.

Does this include lions hunting gazelles? It’s more rare, but in some cases a predator will become out of balance and start killing to a degree and such a way that it makes that sort of mark in its environment as well. This is why some parts of the woods feel darker than others. Usually, a lion who creates this darkness was itself sick or suffering, or dealing with psychological shock from the impact of humans on its habitat. But yes, this is more common in human habitats than non human habitats, and the animal life on our planet participates in the exchange rather much the same as humans do.

Why is it more common in human habitats? Humanity shows little sensitivity for the spiritual world these days. They have substituted dogma for awareness, religion for experience. But whale song imprints on the exchange, bioluminescence signals do as well, even changes in parts of the earth’s electromagnetic field. It’s just a different order of information. We haven’t heard of a human channelling a dolphin yet, largely because of human contempt and interspecies animosity.

And mindset in meditation. Indeed. Levels of meditation do form their own domains in the exchange. Generally clearer channels with less noise.

So exchange can create pollution? It can create pollution, yes. Fortunately, it has an infinite range and depth, so one polluted sector doesn’t destroy the whole exchange.

I wonder if whales communicated with the earth spirits around Japan. They did. They still are. They are monitoring the fallout. This is part of why solar maximum was postponed. Reducing radiation levels. The sun follows a cycle. Scientists tend to see it as a clockwork like pattern. There will be selective solar strikes. The nuclear technology has to be re-examined.

Who is controlling the solar strikes? No single who. One of the entities involved is a being known to humanity who has often been called Raphael, or to the Greeks, Apollo, to the Egyptians, Set. There is a network of locus consciousnesses across the multiversity. Each has their own realm of concern. These minds are vast enough that they can coordinate the will of many beings, countless beings from a human perspective.

And there are the good and bad ones? Friendly and unfriendly might be a bit clearer.

Aren’t human beings shifting consciousness, at least some? To bring it back down to earth, yes. Humanity is shifting in consciousness, and taking what they sense and making poster board signs and walking around their communities raving about the end being near.

They effect TV and movies too through the human mind. They do indeed. Are they the ones responsible for all the crap on TV? No, but they state openly that television media is aware that people believe.

Even those who aren’t lost in the exchange are still sensing it, and it’s making people uneasy mostly because of human xenophobia, and the awareness that human power is really meagre in comparison to the other beings in the exchange. This is why people fear demons are out to get them. Demons are not out to destroy humanity. They are drug traffickers just giving humanity what they want in exchange for what the demons want. Humanity wants fear. Those beings humans call demons want psychic energy. You get high off of thinking something is out to get you.

We like to think of ourselves as superheroes and don’t like the idea that other beings may be more powerful. But we have light to push these demons away? You can just make yourself a non customer. Much goes away with simple awareness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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