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Life is lived in moments.

The One Point in Astral


The daemons are not the monsters even in angelic lore. The idea that angels are creatures of beauty and demons horrible monsters is false. Those who tend the darkness are truly kindly but the big scare isn’t demons, it’s yourself.

Yourself made manifest in all its terrible glory. So astral journeying can have a use and many near death experience (nde) survivors are reported to undergo a radical personality change. Type A personalities become less obsessed.  Apathetic individuals become more engaged. On some level I think they do recall enough of the truth to realize the purpose of still being alive, but to threaten your own life to achieve this is unnecessary.

The ‘one point’ as they refer to it in Buddhism is very real. It is one infinite point. It is inside you and it does connect you to the all encompassing. The brahman from which your atman arises. The life from which individual souls are born. We are not meant to seek oblivion. None would be offered. The atman exists for a reason, in us is that world that is around us. The Buddha saw this and sought to teach it. You are not alone. You are not separate from anything. You are not alone, but you are individual.

There is a reason both the Egyptian and Tibetan books of the dead were written, the idea that death concludes life is false. So in seeing death, in knowing it for what it is, you will discover only life. This life will cease to be a living death of unawareness. It will cease seeming so shallow. I think on some level we all see that this world is a surface, but not seeing deeper makes us fear. It makes us cling to surfaces. If you crash your car in low water clinging to your seat will kill you.

Death is breaking the barrier on accident and having no where to go. So in that case the universe creates a replay, and you get a chance to figure it out again. Like a recurrent dream when you cling to denial. It can happen over and over again. It is just like ghosts behave, repeating the incidence of their death. Some people speak of the ghostly existence as something to pity, but in fact who among us really live differently? Where are the living really?

The world is as scary as any haunted house, really more so. Amityville house makes sense to me, this world doesn’t.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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