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Evil intent differs from evil essence, and it is even addressed in the Bible. There is a poorly understood scripture, but it speaks against “fighting” evil people. If you fight them, it confines you to reacting to them.

Trance Work in Trancework


There are many methods of doing what most people call inducing a trance. In fact, when you induce a trance what you are in truth doing is breaking your default trance. All trance work methods involve holding the attention still, stopping the swinging pendulum of attention from keeping it in the dream of “real life.” Whether you are using a mantra or contemplating a divine image with intense emotion, that general effect is the same. Ritual dance or martial arts katas, they all alter reality for you while you are doing them, if only temporarily. When two people spar in a martial arts practice, it’s more than an exchange of kicks and punches.

Everyone seen the Matrix movies? Remember the confrontation between Neo and Seraph?

Which one was Seraph? The martial artist program, guardian of the oracle. When Neo asked him why he attacked him, he said, “You only really know someone when you fight them.” Communication between any two people in their daily trances always seems like a fight doesn’t it?

It has differing degrees of stress, but you only ever effectively communicate something to someone when you briefly break their trance. You have to momentarily suspend their pattern of perception before they can share any part of yours. What is it when we break something for someone else?

Vandalism? Fighting, aggression and defense.

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Antagonism. And agonism, antagonism and agonism. The daily trance is agony. Ag´o`nism n. 1. Contention for a prize; a contest. The prize we contend for is recognition, also known as realization, validation, comprehension.

If only for the briefest moment, two boxers locked in contest aren’t just men punching each other. It’s realities clashing with each other, and the one who wins is the person with the most solid continuity. So is “real life” the only trance?

You can empower the trance with good luck charms. They sing the anthem and it kind of induces the trance. I think ritual is a big part of it right? It is, indeed. Rituals power is in how they affect ones trance state.

Puppy love is a trance? It is, yes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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