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Counter culture becomes mainstream when the norm is toxic and society looses its center. Eventually not being recognizable in its original form.

Universal Communication in Star Nations

Star Nations

There actually hasn’t been any such thing as truly independent evolution. We all arose and arise under some laws that all sentient beings have in common. So there is a basis for understanding among all species, even potentially empathy.

Are you working under the assumption that evolution on different planets or environments follow the same course or outline as earth evolution? The same? No. Not identical by any means, but shares common roots.

Without the mindset of our species via evolution, you cannot hope to comprehend the mindset or morals of a different sentient species that have achieved the same level of sentience as we have. Our mindsets are mandated by the behaviours of our evolution. We are a social species that relies on each other for survival as well as exploitation of others for the same goal. We can understand each other relatively, because we understand our own survivalist mindset.

Ok. Well, let’s go there. There are basic algorithms that express themselves broadly across all information systems, and many of the principles we emotionalize as homo sapiens can be understood in other ways. Logic and symmetry are more or less universally manifest.

Aka math? Yes.

The variables that govern proto-genetic structuring exists not only in the compounds that make up conventional DNA strands, but in other forms of matter as well. We are even now discovering forms of life that utilize materials we thought impossible in their life functions. Not just respiration, but the actual formative structure. The substance in particular being arsenic.

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The building blocks of other life forms do not govern its mindset. Then neither do ours, but there is a material symmetry across the board. So even if an analogue is not literally synonymous, it is translatable. Survival evolution has no solidly defined parameters as the variables are much too vast across the board of possible events.

That’s like mind being irrevocably bound to form? Form is the antecedent to mind, not the precedent. In a universe where an intelligible object can be presented to any two species no matter how different, and understood in their independent and analogous ways, there can be communication. Even if only through interaction with the intelligible object.

No, there cannot. Not in a true sense. What would be a true sense? Human subjectivity? Even that is too variable to allow reliable communication between members of our very own species.

Because humanity is mistrustful of that which is different. We cannot comprehend the morals or mindset of another species, because we cannot understand their evolutionary path. Let me say again, humanity survives via social co-operation and exploitation. I am autistic. I experience a deficit in the self same faculty that you say is responsible for human survival, but I am capable of function.

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Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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