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Not having what you want won’t make you saintly. If you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, you might as well go ahead.

Using Orange Magick in Orange Magick

Orange Magick

An example of how to use orange magick before we conclude. Can you think of any place or condition that people find universally calming?

Sunlit field.

Flowing water… river.

Cool breeze.


Fluffy clouds.

Water. You can feel the waters flow inside you when you are near it. It can even make you dizzy. Ever experience that?

If you practice imagining the waters flow and recapturing that feeling inside you, or the feeling of the rolling clouds in the sky overhead, get to the point where you can reproduce that sensation powerfully and on demand, you can use it to calm yourself and other people even when you are nowhere near water, or not out under the open sky. You can also use it to ease tension. If you feel like being mischievous, you can use it to monkey with someone’s bladder control, and can draw out “tears”, bring a person to emotional release and that’s just using water.

Ah, one thing I forgot, the fire, the inner fire… That fire is everywhere, in everything. Does anything ever seem fully stable?

Not really. That’s the fire. You can access orange magick at any time by focusing for a moment on the inner fire in the world around you. It has two properties. Heat, which is the power of action and change, and light, which is the resolution of everything as it stands suspended in the web of reality itself.

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Ever notice that when you shine a flashlight down into a deep body of water it does let you see deeper even if it doesn’t seem clear? Well, the light of the inner fire is clarifying in a way. It especially lets you look at yourself in the middle of change more easily. But the reason it won’t show you perfectly clearly is simple. Paradoxically, it is showing you perfectly clearly, and all that blur is actually the parts of the web of reality that connect to you. You seem indistinct because from one point of view you are. But though you can’t cut yourself free from the web of reality, like a spider, by adjusting your body language, your posture, your internal rhythms, you can set the whole web to resonating, and feel resonance coming from any part of the web. Sound at all useful?

It’s a very cool form of magic. Perhaps more difficult than others, but some like it when things take more work and are more demanding.

How can you tell if you’re doing it right? Is it a feeling? Oh, you can tell when you are doing orange magick right because it creates a sense of wholeness. Even if what you are interacting with seems conflicted, even the conflict will make you feel more whole, internally harmonious. That explain it well?

Yes, and it made me remember when a teacher told us to send out thankfulness at the end of a meditation. I felt very whole doing that. It’s a good practice. My wife and I dedicated the sanctity of our wedding ceremony to the world as well, sharing it with others around us. Merit is a better term.

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Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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