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There isn’t a war. There is no war in spirit. There are those who are the agents of spirits wrath, and those who are the supporters of spirits peace, and they are not divided.

Value of Being Spirited in Passion


In many schools of thinking being excited about life is frowned upon. It is seen as somehow irresponsible. It is supposedly better to become dead inside and tractable and to pursue only “sensible” things. What in life is sensible? What of our wants and need are rational? Take humour. What is practical about humour? But I would assert that it is a very real human need.

In spirituality they speak of ecstasy. It has nothing to do with eroticism. They talk about being so moved to passion by their faith that they feel outside of themselves. Are consumed with passion and devotion for the spiritual truth they encountered.

An open mind is great, but being exclusively cerebral isn’t truly open. And being able to consider any idea only takes you so far in understanding. In fact, if you cannot be moved by your experience then the breadth of your experience is more of a restriction than any liberation. Things become generalized and indistinct, and rather than finding your path/purpose you see everything as relative and therefore can not find the impetus to pursue anything.

Some people describe me as being too impulsive. They assume because I will move forward quickly it means I haven’t given the situation adequate consideration. In fact I do and I contemplate any possibility well before I even encounter it. You can’t find the way forward in any part of your life outside of yourself. Self knowledge is the path forward.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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