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What is Compassion? in Compassion


A thing they say is not appropriately functioning in me is what we have as our subject today, compassion.

Who are “they”? Scientists, and their analysis of autism spectrum disorders.

So I will ask, what is compassion?

Understanding situations and accepting how people feel about them.

Caring about someone else’s feelings.

Sympathy for others and wanting to help.

An emotional connection.

Compassion is recognition of distress in anyone, and perhaps anything, and identification with the distressed party. Not drawing a line between yourself and the other. Their distress is your distress. It’s one of the core attributes they often ascribe to Saints. So, do we have much compassion these days?

Maybe we’re overwhelmed with distress.

I think a large part of the human population have none at all.

Lots of people do though.

We’re influenced a lot by government systems and business, and the notion of “It’s just business.” All of these lack compassion. Even if individuals may have it, it’s hidden.

I think compassion is growing in humans.

It seems to be the main attribute that divides people. Compassion divides people? Yes, those who have it versus those who don’t. Ah, interesting and I see your point though it’s strangely paradoxical.

Why does compassion seem so challenging to live in today’s world?

It is hard to know when to help others and when to help yourself. Often people see it as offensive to offer help if it isn’t asked for. Help and compassion are not necessarily synonymous. Feeling it and acting on it are different, I suppose.

Compassion can be challenging because when you open yourself to it, it can be overwhelming. There is so much distress. We look and we hear about people’s needs everywhere.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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