Nothing in your head is formless. Nothing in your head is without “words”. Is why in psycho-analysis they use word association, but it can be sounds or even body language. Just has to be language.

What is Death? in Intuition


No one goes anywhere. There isn’t any need. It’s merely a change of state. A parallel existence, if you want to use the scientific paradigm. There is no such thing as loss. Sometimes, the way someone looses this form entails suffering. It can happen prematurely, and this isn’t good when it does, but there is no end and there was no beginning. Alpha and omega are one.

When I am out in my world, I sense a constant dialogue between people. Sometimes it’s talking, sometimes body language. A lot of energy exchange.

The Japanese venerate their ancestors, but not as worship like westerners think of it. They call it filial piety and it is based on an intuition. It is all of this energy sharing. Those of us who have given up the form of flesh are not gone. That being is still there and still a part of the dialogue. So they choose to continue to respect their elders even though they don’t still have the same form.

Now to western thinkers this is a radical idea. But feel that sense of presence. You don’t have to look for the departed. Just feel the world and the people in it. What is your first knowing?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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