I don’t put much stock and feelings in what you ‘should’ feel. According to those who say what I should feel, I should be a mass murderer, but I’m not.

What is Manifestation? in Manifestation


People get lost or confused in trying to tackle the topic of manifestation, because it’s chock full of a lot of buzzwords and pop psychology, rationalization and no real look at the process. Is this your experience of manifesting?

Things manifest whether we consciously choose them or not. All things, events, meetings, goals, insights. They are all part of the same process. Manifestation is sort of like science, really. We live in a sea of potential. The process of manifestation is just that potential being actualized, and the potential is there and available to us well before the event actually manifests.

An example of a common manifestation. You are working a job you don’t like. You worry about it because you need the job, but you are also aware that it’s affecting you badly. It isn’t that it’s too hard, and rationally you know you can keep the job. But what actually happens? Unless there is some serious work to prevent it on your part, you loose the job. It’s really pretty predictable, but even in the situation where you don’t, the amount of energy it takes to keep that job so ill suited to you is like you are arm wrestling with yourself.

Doing jobs we don’t like – far away from our way of living. That’s the way of concensus thinking, but we are not victims of a process. We have influence. The process has to be understood to be made to serve instead of ruling us.

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We are drawing things to us. But an area where people get a bit confused is that you aren’t acting on an external object.

If you feel passionately about rocks, and thought often about what they meant to you, then events would surface that would put you in contact with rocks. All of existence has an “internal” element. It is available to your consciousness because it has an “internal” element. For example, your chair. When somebody was first designing the chair, there was no chair. Wasn’t even the building supplies. Just the designers idea. Ideas are in that energy. Ideas and form are one.

This is an example of manifestation, and it wasn’t on purpose. I had been out of the romantic scene for quite a while and hadn’t any serious intent of getting back in. My failed marriage had really hurt me. But without thinking, something eventually arose in me and I began to feel a yearning for companionship. The type I didn’t find with my ex wife. At first I dismissed the idea, but the yearning didn’t go away. So I sort of started humouring myself and indulging in “what if” thoughts. Again, not really trying to “make it happen” so to speak. Eventually this became a habit, but not once did I deliberately approach anyone or ask for a date. But I began meeting people and even though I was resistant to forming relationships with them, they formed anyway as they might “naturally” do. The process took on a life of its own. I didn’t will anything to happen. It wasn’t a deliberate act of manifestation on my part, but it was a manifestation of something inside of me in the external world.

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What was happening inside me was the growing yearning, the being ready. The fact of my own nature that wouldn’t be denied, strong desire, need. When I began the “what if” scenario, I was beginning a manifestation process. It is possible to not want something and also want it, but in that case deeper truth wins out. Just my thoughts on their own were resistant to it. I didn’t start allowing the thoughts until the urge over powered them.

Typically, we aren’t creatures of merely one desire, and inner conflict does make things harder for us. An idea by itself is just an idea. You need to feel the urge.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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  1. Kamrul

    Hi all. At this moment I am being punished because of my wrong manifest. This was the time i started to realize that manifestation is true. I got some good results also. And then this mishap happened. Someones crime almost killed me. But that was actually my wrong manifest.

    Now i need all you good peoples one manifestation session so that i can get only fevourable situations to face for the rest of my life. Would you do that to save a creative mind and a life?

  2. Ant1

    Hey there everyone,
    lately some strange things have been happening, to me, psychologically; things even my friends have seen. I’ve been saying things they were thinking, right before they said it. This happened like, 5 to 6 times a day.. then i started to think of random things like… normal things, the type of things you just think of when you drift off.. for example i was thinking of tram inspectors and then they came on the next stop. i was thinking of a teascher i hadn’t seen in a long time, and the next day she came to school. Once i even thought of a friend and she called me a couple of minutes later… and i even started thinking about what this thing that was happening to me was, and ended up on this site.. so yer, i truly hope this is manifestation and not some unexplainable phenomenon.. maybe im just really in touch with nature.. anyways, thnks guys 🙂 happy thinking 😀

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