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What is Sacred? in Light Relics

Light Relics

I will start with a question. What is sacred?

Burial grounds?

Something no one else can question when it’s someone else’s sacred thing. It’s something of high value.

Something that is beyond reproach.

Something held in awe.

Is anything actually sacred?

Objectively sacred, I don’t think so. Sacred to one is common to another.

It is all about the purpose of the place or the thing. Defacing a sacred place like the graves of fallen soldiers for instance, most would agree that is terrible.

It does seem that some things are universally sacred, like the burial grounds or equivalent. That which has mystery.

There is something we feel is sacred in life. We feel it even if we can’t seem to arrive at a concrete notion of exactly what it is. We can understand it in part by way of negative definition, by considering those things we absolutely would not do or try to undo. Can you name some things you absolutely would not do?

The big tragedies have an element of defiling the sacred.

Deface something by Michelangelo. Defacing one of humanities great accomplishments.

Vandalizing someone’s grave or headstone or other monuments to life and death. We think it’s disgusting but maybe the vandals have their reasons. They are obviously speaking against something.

Hurt a child, do harm to or defile innocence, but those are two things that people have done. Oh, indeed. There are always people who do cross these lines. Disgracing the memory of the departed, especially that of respected figures.

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Is the sacred served by relativism? What is it behind these notions of the sacred that some would cling to them for dear life? If it became universally accepted that nothing is sacred, would we prosper?

We might fall into nihilism with loss of meaning? Yes. Can we survive without some sense of meaning?

I think we are at that stage right now. It is a largely held belief, yes, and what are the consequences of that?

I have a hard time functioning without it. I have no motivation.

It’s like a child losing their beloved blanket.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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