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You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

Why We Feel Betrayed in Betrayal


Now most of us don’t really fall into the manic personality type, so we are capable of some degree of recategorization, and yet we still feel betrayed. Why is that?

Because we were operating on assumptions that didn’t pan out? That is the reason it repeats, but not why it happens initially.

Our grasp of our innate psychic habits is generally very poor, as well as our grasp of our genuine motivations. The mind has an innate intuition that reveals a great deal about our world and other peoples communications as well as their state of being. It’s so innate to go almost completely unnoticed. We layer a great deal of socialization over these primal instincts, often even without voluntary acceptance.

The emotional interactions we experience during our formative years are often next to torturous, if not actually torturous, so we all fall into a form of shock, and adopt a set of attitudes because we instinctively concluded they were necessary for our well-being. They seemed to satisfy those others who had what amounted to absolute power over us, but the assumptions we adopt, in the formative crisis we all experience, are guilty of the same flaw that leads those who espouse them to betray them.

Sometimes causing a “split”, new “selves” or personalities in order to survive. Indeed.

Those normative assumptions serve a mechanistic purpose only, and in the fullness of time the subtle strain they put on our innate nature grows too much for the body to bear, and we develop any of the seemingly countless stress related health issues to the point that most people die of them. Is this an unfair description of our lives in this day and age?

Our instinct still surfaces despite ourselves. The instinct surfaces in those things that inspire the least thought in us, our relationship to our pets, (and thus all the health benefits ascribed to keeping pets), and our relationships with infants. At times, this instinct even surfaces in some creative activity, but in those cases this only happens if the activity is one we are doing for its own sake, rather than professionally or to prove ourselves to others.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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