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Your Inner Demon in Passion


How does a demon go about being spiritual? Demons are spiritual. Darkness is merely the mirror image of light, and much is declared dark from prejudice only. Bad is debatable. The spirit that challenges you to know the truth of yourself is bad? The spirit that reminds you of the value of life, or what you can lose is bad? To one, death might come as a mercy. A blessed release from a life long and well lived, and a chance to move on. To another, death comes as a frightening reality.

All acts have repercussions, and we don’t exist as little independent sparks of life but as part of a shared life. Not all that strengthens and furthers life is something we like or declare good. Any evil act stems from a natural source. Just twisted. If I lash out in anger it may not be wise, but it doesn’t stem from evil. It stems from a feeling of self defence often, or a feeling of being treated unjustly. There are two patterns in life. There is a growth pattern that furthers life and enhances it, and a pattern of entropy, decay.

In truth no one can give you nirvana, you will get it when you do. There is a saying in Buddhism (I believe it’s mostly a Zen saying), before enlightenment chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment chop wood and carry water. In the tarot the fool and the magus card are the same being. The difference being the magus knows what he dares, and the fool will learn by experience. They are equals in truth.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive
~ science,mysticism,spirituality~

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