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Zombie Dream by DonJuan Writer in Poetry

The zombie terror pursuing me,
In the black sheen of my lucid dream,
My fears of impending fatherhood,
Raise the un-dead to strip me of any scheme.

And the recurring nature of their chase,
Whenever I closed my eyes,
As real as the fears I had to face,
They will devour any disguise.

With each dream the tension was tightened,
From out to in to labyrinthine spaces,
The visual of the deaths of others,
My terror in their faces.

But I learned how to defeat my hordes,
For I knew they were a manifest me,
I could switch to calmness by choice,
A zombie means I’m dreaming, you see?

Whenever you see the un-dead,
And you know they are after your soul,
Rather than submit to your architects dread,
Know you are a wholesome whole.

DonJuan Writer
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive


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