You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

As Within So Without in Gnosis


Gnosis is the concept “as within so without”. Also connected with the concept “as above so below”. That knowledge of self is knowledge of the principle that originated you.

It is connected to astrology. Astrology could be considered a Gnostic tool.

Hermetic philosophy is primarily Gnostic in its premises and the principle even emerges in quantum cosmology. Essentially, that humanity, the presence of intelligent life in the universe, is a manifestation of a deeper principle that precedes our existence and also establishes the path or dynamic of manifestation of human potential.

This principle does not obviate human choice. It provides an explanation for why human free will exists or even matters in any way. The capacity to know and to choose are deeper forces in existence than just the ego centered level of awareness. The process of creativity in consciousness transcends “individual consciousness”. Communication of principles happens as an inherent aspect of consciousness itself. We do not create in a void, but in a medium of exchange. Thus no ego can be identified as being in some way pre-eminent.

We manifest not merely ourselves. We express the principle that manifested us into the world. There is the individual and there is the communal. Union exists on much more than a biological level. The physical mirrors principles that are more original. More present as a potential or “energy” than matter as we know it. When we come together in the world, it isn’t merely a mechanistic process. Not merely a biological urge that has no root in anything deeper. It’s my experience that there is no evidence for a phenomenon that is not rooted in deeper principle. I am saying that “chance” is difficult to substantiate and that “attraction” is a more transcendent principle than mere satisfaction of appetites.

Ideation is a creative process which regrettably stagnates all too often. An idealist is a philosopher who engages in recursive thought believing that process has some intrinsic value of its own. That stagnation implied in valuing an ideal outside of the process of manifestation.

Life shows an orientation toward purpose. This force can be known and we can make decisions in that context. In Buddhism, they refer to it as right action. Right livelihood is seeking your own prosperity in the context of right action. It is commonly thought that the Buddha taught a doctrine of disengagement, but quite the contrary. He taught a middle path of balanced engagement.

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