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Aware You’re Aware in Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Today, we are talking about spiritual and psychic health. It’s the first class in a string I intend to do, but not necessarily consecutively. We will have more classes like this as it’s a very complex topic. Today, specifically, we will explore why people aren’t aware that they are alive.

Long story short, you aren’t aware that you are alive. You are aware that you are aware. A sort of Cartesian cultural meme that states, “I think therefore I am.”

So Descartes got that we are aware, but not that we are alive? Exactly.

Is it normal for that awareness to scare the hell out of you? Like in cartoons, they only fall when they are aware of the road being missing. I feel like if I am aware of being aware, it will suddenly end. It feels out of control for me. Some people even go so far as to blame it on demons, or some sort of supernatural intervention, when their life force actually takes over for a time.

Some people do extreme things to make them feel alive, like bungee cord jumping. Indeed, and it fails to have any lasting impact. This is why their seeking escalates, and why we call them adrenaline junkies.

The awareness that is perhaps most vital to our well being, and the one that people today seem to not actually possess, comes from a level of the consciousness that people consider subconscious. They are really well trained to ignore it. So well trained it even grows to cost them their lives. Stress related illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Since we need a term for it, I will call it the base consciousness.

I didn’t know cancer was stress related. Cancer is. Your body always has cancer cells in it. Cellular reproduction is an imperfect process, but normally your body eliminates them.

Even if you have it as an infant? Indeed, though in their case, it’s possible that the stresses are environmental rather than psychological.

You mean like feeling your blood pressure elevate. Would that be an example of base consciousness? It would. In fact, part of the reason base consciousness goes unnoticed, is that people see it only in bits and pieces, and mistakenly believe it to be shallow and intermittent. Almost like a disease symptom itself.

It sounds like you are describing the bodily animal consciousness as opposed to a spiritual or intellectual consciousness. I am, and I will relate how it actually forms the root of those two consciousnesses as well.

That which is describe in the Tarot’s Moon card? Well, somewhere between moon and earth, yes. The realization of it would actually be the star card.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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