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Mindlessness isn’t tantric, aimlessness isn’t tantric, but pain and pleasure, bliss and void, these are tantric.

Depth And Breadth Of Connection in Connection


I cannot begin to describe the depth and breadth of the connections that are present in our consciousness. The limitless generosity shown us by the Chaos/Great Mother/God, call it what you will. But one has to be whole before one can be more than whole, and when you begin down the path of the “more than whole” you discover that you are actually adding nothing to your full being. The miracles that some admire so much, like communion with transcendent beings, sensitivity to future events, setting right health conditions and poorly balanced probabilities, these could all become pedestrian. We could have an engineered reality as a matter of course, but we are stuck with “I am not that” and “This is not that”. Why is that?

Because we’re not that, we’re this? This, that, and the other thing. We are all that and a bag of chips. Likely, very many bags of chips.

I was just thinking “corn flakes”. I have no idea why. Perhaps because I have gotten a little flakey. Pardon, and I can bring it down to earth. You are what you are by virtue of the space between you and me. This is not obvious. This is a mystery. You are moved not by my hand, but by the wind of the butterflies wings that passed between us, and we both watch pass by.

Self knowledge is impossible if you seek knowledge of self as an object. If you insist in being objective about the self, you will objectify yourself into an early grave. You can come to know your true self, by experience, and all that you do will cease to confuse you. All that occurs will be revealed to have arisen for its real reasons. No guilt, no fear, no self delusion. You won’t stop thinking. Your brain won’t go dead. The doors of your perception and thus the realm of your observation will expand in such a way that you could never want for insight, never feel as if you lack liberation. You will accomplish what Einstein sought. To know the thoughts of God, but only because you let go of the detailing. You stopped embellishing reality.

In what ways do we objectify ourselves? I’m asking for sake of clarity. For the sake of clarity is my favourite reason to answer questions. You objectify the self by saying, “I am a middle aged man who has been disabled all his life and has no prospect of gainful employment.” You objectify yourself when you say, “That woman over there is my wife and I have a set of behaviours I must do and another set I must not do in relationship to her.” You objectify the young person in the McDonalds when you say, “This young kid is barely fit to take my order. I fear for the future of our society.”

What do you say instead of that? What you say instead of that is “I am here and I am with this world. Where are we going today?” Or you say, “I am with this person and I feel such love that I know this is my place in our world.” Or you say, “I am amazed at all my options for experience in the world, and the countless ways in which people help me have them.” When you really look at others, you cannot avoid seeing yourself.

It isn’t until you can see yourself in the other persons eyes that you realize they are seeing themselves in you as well. When you see that you are both dreaming, you can actually choose your words and actions in a way that touches who they really are. You don’t have any enemies. You have circumstances you find unpleasant, and if you do, they do too.

There is not my evil and your evil, there is just evil. There is not my suffering and your suffering, there is just suffering. There is not my joy and your joy, there is just joy. This is reality. Can you share it? Sharing is not giving something to another that they didn’t have. That makes them an object. Sharing is the realization that they already have it, and all they are seeking is the experience of it. All they want is the same understanding you yourself want. I prefer that reality. That’s what I want. That’s why I talk, and why I watch and listen.

Perhaps this is why it’s often hard to explain your answers, because they are your answers and not someone else’s? True.

Like everyone sees a blot painting differently, but it’s still art. They all see it differently and that is amazing. Creativity /connection is really amazing. Who needs any other miracle?

Your talks makes connection seem possible. Then mission accomplished. The funny thing is, being what the doctors label me, the only way connection for me would be harder is if I were catatonic.

Even if it isn’t always absorbed, it is still nice to be part of a class. Connection happens and then the real world melts away in favour of Gods smile.

I feel most people in the world are in a way catatonic in their thought processes. That doesn’t have to stay that way. I think it is changing rapidly. Well, I don’t reject humanities desire to survive. I just hope it doesn’t get to human lemmings before it gets to connection.

Is that the root of depression? Disconnection? It is indeed. The depressed linger in depression because they think it’s about connecting with other people. What has depressed them is their own view of themselves, and that view is misinformed.

The conservative reaction scares me the most. That is a terrifying view. I fully understand.

I am perfectly happy to break the cookie jar. It’s time the metaphorical fat kids stopped hogging them. No body has meaning in their thoughts, but thoughts can have meaning. No one has authority, but everyone can be authentic. A Taoist Sage was quoted as saying, “lo, I have been selling water along the river for twenty years, and my efforts are entirely without merit.” Anyone have squirt guns? Or water colors? Either would be more fun.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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