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So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Final Say in Intention


I find people often say they had to make a decision for me. Is this really what they did? No. They do think they did though. What they did is ignore a path you were on. They didn’t see that they could choose that.

They gave me two options, but I couldn’t choose one. When people give you two options, they have really given you no options.

Things usually resolve themselves if you put off making a decision long enough. And yes, the world is whole and very functional. You will only experience problems when you don’t want to take part. Your true intention is to dance this life. This is why you hear the music you call your feelings.

In one case the person decided to end their friendship with me, but later came back to realise this wasn’t what they wanted either. So now we are friends again and all is forgiven. There are never any issues to forgive anyone. Their “failures” have nothing to do with you. It was they who struggled, and they who healed. You get to enjoy their recovery.

Nor should I expect my failures to be anyone elses fault but mine. They aren’t even yours. They are noises in your world. If you listen, you can realize that you can turn the volume down or change the channel. It is like people have two drivers, the mind and the spirit. But ultimately, it’s the spirit that has the final say, because it had the first say. It will have the say about what comes after this life as well.

Intention is a persons spirit? Yes. It’s the way of your spirit. It’s the spiritual life path in its essence. You may express that in any of an infinite variety of ways, but it’s still the same thing. The Imam in his mosque who leads prayer for the faithful nine times a day. The Nun who goes out on the street alone to see what her people need and help them get it. The sincere leader who gives of their time so that the community can have a better life even though no one sees the heart that they put into it.

All those things we can’t conceive of not doing? Exactly. When you see your spirit next time, greet it with open arms, embrace it, even if it needs to tell you that you can’t go the way you think you want to.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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