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We are not free of darker feelings and views just because we espouse a spiritual view or lifestyle.

Lack of Self in Loneliness


Emotion is not synonymous with awareness, so loneliness is an absence of recognizable feedback about the “self”, a.k.a. the ego. When a little boy or little girl are out playing in the yard, I mean a young one, maybe with a pet, or watching bugs, do they complain of being lonely?

I often don’t feel lonely when alone, but I do when I’m with others and the mirror doesn’t match me. Yes. You feel “you don’t belong”, that you “have no place”, a.k.a. role.

I feel like a destitute amidst a sea of “socialites” and “acolytes”. Indeed, when in fact they are as lost as you. When confronted with their own soul, they will shrink away also. If anything, those who are aware of something wrong, who are really thinking about it, are likely less lost then those who seem to know their place and who have shut their mouths.

Feeling lonely is a normal human emotion. What one does when faced with it is individual. Some might seek another, another may lament in self pity. It runs deeper than that friend, and I would argue that it’s a norm because the normative force is human conditioning.

What would trigger seeking another if not loneliness? Hunger, love, lust, biological drive, leisure, deep rooted instinct, the sense of safety among your own species? There are many drivers. Positive ones.

If I’m hungry, I eat. If I’m lonely, I seek my fellows or other. Yes, but in seeking, even in literal finding, your drive to find company may fail to satisfy your desire. You might be talking with many people and still feel very lonely, so the facts run much deeper. For those possessed of self knowledge, they are generally better satisfied in any human contact. They feel more present and feel the presence of others more. Lonely people feel needy, and are not usually good company.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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