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Live your life. I said live it! Live it, or I will give you a dirty look I swear…as everyone wanders off ignoring the crazy person.

New Minds in Spirits


Can we all accept that a new life can stem from our own life? From our own bodies?

Well likewise, new minds can stem from our minds, and take on qualities that we never originally imparted to them because they touch on the minds of other beings. You are not the only person who has ever dreamed of a house so all those dreams of houses come together in the shared energy, giving rise to a house in the dream that doesn’t belong to any specific mind. These structures have survived for a very long time. So though you may never have been in a rough-hewn stone building, people have dreamed of castles for a long time so you may dream of castles also. They aren’t your castles.

I imagine this also transcends time? Yes. The signal itself is not confined to geophysical space for one, and well, time space is not a seamless continuum.

Now you do bring your own psychic energy with you. You generate a footprint in the collective dream, so though you may be dealing with structures and beings that are hundreds, even thousands of years old, your mind will impress its own expectations on them, familiarize them. It’s the only way you can handle the contact at all. It’s perhaps the origin of the concept of familiar spirits. Over time these structures and entities even evolve according to this contact, but it takes a fair bit of traffic or exceptionally intense traffic for this to happen.

People talk about how things are ‘speeding up’ (technology and change in general). Is this from an exponential rise in this base energy as it keeps getting added to? People are more or less overstimulated, so this is making the dream very loud, and making getting a good night sleep harder these days.

Is oneiroi spirit the general name for this base level? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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