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Sometimes, even when we have power, we shouldn’t express it. Other times when we are powerless in the face of the worlds spinning, we should add our force to its momentum.

On Guard in Gratitude


Why do so many people seem to have difficulty feeling their lives have value?

Because they allow other people to determine their value.

No direct line of sight to its impact?

Does everyone here feel easily and fully that their life is valuable? Important and meaningful?

I used to.

Not easily and fully, no.

I have something strange to suggest. No one actually lets other people do anything. They believe that they do. They respond to the information they think they get from other people, often after narrow interpretation, and they cling to their own general frame of reference to sort and interpret anything anyone does or says. The majority of the impact of any action, taken by another person against us, was actually generated by us.

How often do we let people apologize? How often do we let people correct something they said? How often do we let anybody make amends for something they did?

Is that something we actually have control over? Indeed it is, because no matter what they do, nothing will change for us unless we let it. People are too on their guard against other human beings. It has no positive side. It is only dysfunctional.

Carrying grudges? We brush the apology aside and don’t take it to heart. Yes. Forgiveness is the restoration of faith. We only forgive when we believe they mean it. Why do we resist believing that so viciously?

Because trusting makes you vulnerable. Blindness makes you even more vulnerable. I trust everything and everyone. Trust doesn’t mean obedience. Trust doesn’t mean volunteering to be lead anywhere. You trust the ground beneath your feet as you walk. You don’t know for a fact that as you’re standing on a street corner it won’t collapse beneath your feet into a sink-hole, do you? Should we all stop walking for fear of sinkholes? If not, then why do we stop thinking for fear of being deceived?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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