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The question in life is not “What is my purpose?” That question just makes us look really silly. The biggest question in life is “Are we having fun yet?

Powerful Without Measure in Humility


Today’s topic is humility. It’s a topic of much internal conflict, at least in general, as few esteem an egotist. The word ego was originally used only to mean self, but has acquired a lot of baggage over the centuries. Most of which serves the individual not at all, really.

I understand the value of service as a spiritual path. In general though, it is my experience that the humble members of any esteemed body of faith, belief, or spirituality are the most aggrieved individuals in any situation. From the televangelists almost saying outright that the people of Haiti deserved the cataclysm that struck their island, to the martyr complex that drives both the Islamic extremists and the martyrdom of American forces. Justice itself was based on a model of the lowest common denominator, and thus many places in this world now have borderline totalitarian regimes they are calling democracy. All in the name of service, supposedly. All in the name of the common good. But if we are all only as valuable as our flesh and blood would seem to give concrete evidence for, then of what use are any of our efforts as a collective people?

It is said that our greatest fear is not that we are powerless, but that we are powerful without measure. The reason we fear this is not because it means we are at liberty to live a full life. What it means is that our leaders, both educational and practical, are poorly founded at best. And our liberties are defined by the limitations we can share, we can agree upon, and well… Has the consensus in any part of this country been truly beneficial to the individual? Yet, we can perceive that some are served by our institutions, is this not so?

Whom does society serve?

Itself, not the individual.

Society serves society. In itself not the individual, but as a collective group.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Lisa

    Individuals are ‘part of’ the collective group, that is what the group is made up of. There are many limitations that we all can share and these are coming out now. The barriers are being broken, as society learns “Team Work” and not setting limits designed to serve individuals or special groups of individuals. There are many worm holes that collect energy so to speak without the realization of what it does to the collective group leaving bits and pieces of the group naked/without. Sort of like making dependents and then fussing about it without realizing that the special group created it in the first place. We can not do harm to others without doing harm to self…humanity will learn this. So humanity does in-deed have an ego and at the same time it’s learning “humility”. Bravo.

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