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Teaching Advice


If you would welcome some teaching advice… Why I wound up teaching and why… There is a certain kind of thinking that just came naturally to me, creeped into my conversations, how I helped my friends, just topics of interest… Seek More

Understanding Brings Understanding


So my own take on the whole apathy matter, my philosophy of how to deal with it, and it has proven reliable… I hate dead ends. Dead end trains of thought, dead end understandings. “It is because it is” answers.… Seek More

Life Unrealized


Tell me about the life you are living, I will show you a life unrealized. All this stuff that rules you, why does it? Do you know? There are rules of social interaction, that though I am not well versed… Seek More

Real Living Life


So how are we to understand things? Can we comprehend anything by being taught to comprehend? Can you understand something in the way I understand it? Can you … can you trip like I do? Can you … can you trip… Seek More

Way Out of Apathy


The way out of apathy? Are we ready to discuss that? The way out of apathy is comprehension, not education. We are freed from apathy when we begin to understand life as the individual living beings we naturally are. We… Seek More

Dealing with Apathy


The cure for apathy? What do people do to try to deal with apathy? Find something new? Novelty seeking. Things to remind them of what is more important. They find kids or pets to play with or video games or… Seek More

Purpose of Disengagement


Are we served by holding beliefs that block or discourage our paying attention to life and the world around us? Is it in any way practical? When I was younger, I had ‘rose coloured glasses’. I realize now that made… Seek More

Don’t Know, Don’t Care


What is apathy? Not caring. Being disengaged. Don’t know and don’t care. You brought up an important element of apathy as an experience. Most of the time when we experience apathy, it’s when we are confronted with a situation we… Seek More

Law of Infinite Universes Application

Law of Infinite Universes

So shall we get to actual application of the Law of Infinite Universes? The process of manifestation is governed by the confirmation of attention, so our pattern of attention may resist the possibility of the thing we seek to manifest.… Seek More

Differentiation from Other

Law of Infinite Universes

How do we differentiate from each other? Each consciousness generates an event field, a wake from its own activity. These event fields, the byproduct of the conscious process of attention, contact and interact with other such fields. Individual consciousness, individual… Seek More