'Profane' Chapter (con't)

Bragging Works

So far I have described the nonconstructive side of swearing. Another related behaviour is bragging and these are all part of the same phenomenon. What do you think of bragging? I disliked bragging before it was cool to dislike bragging.… Seek More

Healing Instinct to Swear

The instinct to swear, the drive to dis-inhibit the heart and instincts from the oppressive filters and projections of the mind, is fundamental, necessary for our well being. Studies have shown that a picture of a guy just holding a… Seek More

Practice of Bragging

So, has everyone heard of priming? This is a scientific practice. By introducing key words or concepts, either deliberately or even subliminally, they can alter how ready your brain circuits are to fire. They can set up specific trains of… Seek More