'Gnosis' Chapter


‘As within so without’. Knowledge of self is knowledge of the spiritual/divine. We manifest not merely ourselves. We express the principle that manifested us into the world. Life shows an orientation toward purpose. This force can be known and we can make decisions in that context.

Gnosis is knowing this place we have in the originating principle. In that it recognizes a pre-existing dynamic that not only plays out around us, but in us. It is symbolized by a river, a constant flow.

“The true Gnostic understands that there is a difference between religious activity and spiritual truth.” David Tresemer

As Within So Without

Gnosis is the concept “as within so without”. Also connected with the concept “as above so below”. That knowledge of self is knowledge of the principle that originated you. It is connected to astrology. Astrology could be considered a Gnostic… Seek More

Our Place in Existence

Gnosis has many sources. It is one of those phenomenon like the preponderance of certain symbols that co-arose cross culturally. Like the presence of dragons in every world mythology. The intuition that “god” is somehow indwelling the human soul has… Seek More

Divination & Positive Thinking

Divination is not foolishness. It’s just encoded intuitions about life. You get from divination the wisdom you bring to it. It is not a pointless exercise because the gnosis is there. When the student is ready the master appears. When… Seek More

God Is Right Here

To thine own self be true is not advice to be a libertine. There is only one Tao, but the tao is infinite in its manifestations. Am I religious? I don’t look for God. God is right here. I am… Seek More