'Light Metaphysics' Chapter


I will be exploring more specifically the ‘psychic and paranormal’ phenomenon. Perhaps they will help you understand more about yourself. As Derek Acorah is quoted, “Everyone who is born to the Earth has the psychic ability lying dormant.”

Do I have concrete psychic/spiritual experiences? Indeed. I am defined medically as autistic, meaning I’m “self absorbed”. I experience the internal processes first. The neural structure that screens things and slows down sense impression for processing doesn’t work for me. Sensory impressions come to me like abstract input and I interpret stuff “strangely”.

I “order” information in a certain way, and I have no subconscious as others understand it. Dream like imagery is a part of my waking experience, so forms a psycho sensory gestalt. Someone I meet in person, her personal presence her personality and any symbolism, form a fused construct in my mind, and I have a language focus because it provides a framework for cognitive organization. Even incorporating some terms from languages other than my birth tongue.

For myself experience and practice came first.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” Aristotle

Intuition and Intuitive Techniques

Intuition is an ill defined faculty. There is a lot of debate whether it is real at all. But from my own experience, intuition is what is suppose to motivate science but doesn’t anymore. There is a type of internal… Seek More

What is Death?

No one goes anywhere. There isn’t any need. It’s merely a change of state. A parallel existence, if you want to use the scientific paradigm. There is no such thing as loss. Sometimes, the way someone looses this form entails… Seek More

Body Image

Here is a way to trigger/test your intuition. Consider your body. Just feel it, don’t think. Just be in your body. What is the first thing you know? No thinking. Just feel it and what do you know about your… Seek More

Underlying Essence of Magick

Magick is a broad subject, but has a simple essence that gets lost terribly in many sources on the subject. Most people think of the human body and mind as somehow closed systems, but in fact this is very far… Seek More

Attunement with Magick

If people barely are able to control their feelings , their thoughts and their actions, how can we hope to achieve a magickal act? Your emotions are linked to external energies. When you recognize the connection, then you see that… Seek More

Using Energies in the World

Using the energies is sort of like being in a gently flowing river. Most people are blown about by the winds or washed away with the waters, but you can see that the winds and the waters, the elements and… Seek More

What is ‘Psychic’?

Psychic function is not any more mysterious or complicated than learning style. One of the biggest stumbling blocks about learning to perform psychically is the idea that it’s necessarily a special state of mind. The brain itself is a sense… Seek More

Our Thought and Senses

What is the form of thought? Now that is interesting. Form is coherent or “encoded” memory. Energy I mean, and memory. The energy of any given object is perceptible to us. The memory and the energy of the object are… Seek More

Triggering Psychic Function

So how to trigger the psychic ability if we choose, or knowingly avoid the triggers? Your mind is a world. Has many facets like a kaleidoscope that will show you different things with a change in focus. Most people are… Seek More

Psychic Connection to Dreaming

We remember dreams with the ‘primary’ psychic method. So this is a way to know what is primary for you. It is often why we complain we can’t remember dreams. We have heard dreams described as vivid images, so it… Seek More