'Light Practice' Chapter (con't)

Affirmation of Talent

The law of sympathy is that like affects like. If my talent just makes me sympathetic to something that isn’t my central nature, it would be weakening more than strengthening. Wouldn’t it be odd for a talent to draw in… Seek More

The Other Side

People think that what kills goes away when you die. It doesn’t. It stays, but when you die what kills is revealed and made manifest. This applies even to those who “go to heaven”. There is a rhythmic marker on… Seek More

Energy Blocks

As a child, my mother thought it was amazing that I had such a good sense of direction. I could feel where North was. At some point in my childhood, I recall my uncanny ability being discussed and it being… Seek More


The recent China quake, and before that Chile and Haiti. There is a general turmoil in earths psycho-sphere. The psycho-sphere is a composite force much as the geo-sphere is. Same as a nightmare, but with what humans would consider more… Seek More

Human Thinking

Human linear binary thinking does well if it can manage even a ternary deviation, let alone anything beyond. We can barely get the third option, but can. Though there seems to be a lot of need for assistance there in… Seek More

The Human Pattern

My own recollection sets up a “field” dimension that seems to underlie “real” space. My “human” equipment is not in good shape either. It is a really limited medium. Morphogenetic field resonance stretched too far just collapses. The pattern for… Seek More

Nature Of Limitation

When I learned Daoyin, I started seeing the energy with my eyes (like the vibrations above a road on a hot day) around the person’s hands. It’s a bit like Tai Chi, but solely for healing purposes and not a… Seek More