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Religion of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egyptian religion can be summarized as shamanism under the influence of nationalism. Like the Native American cultures, they saw the world as a spiritual place and the relationship between the ancient tribes of Egypt changed over time before the… Seek More

Egyptian Soul and Hell


Egyptian religion was both intuitive and rationalistic.  Since its focus was so pragmatic the Greeks and Romans actually saw no reason to compromise it, and translated some of their concepts into Greek or Roman terms. Thus the cult of Osiris… Seek More

Mana and Justice


I tend to use the kahuna concept of mana to evaluate any path. Mana is a concept of “proven effectiveness.” It plugs into the idea that whoever or whatever was more in synch with the over arching order would be… Seek More

Sexual Values


The idea of the matriarchal society is strong in a lot of cultures. Matriarchy by spiritual and not military leadership and the two coexisting. In the Yezidi culture (the non Islamic Kurds), women are not made to wear veils by… Seek More

Field of Stars


Can anyone name the worlds oldest religious texts? Bahagavida? Good guess, but in written form it isn’t as old as another. The Egyptian tomb texts predate any religious cannon. They even predate the Book of the Dead which was later… Seek More

Walking With Spirit


There was a goddess named Hathor, the hippo who governed the Nile.  You were considered to need to cross the Nile so they invoked the aid of the Bison Goddess by imitating her act of creation. The shaping of human bodies… Seek More

Kingdom of Osiris


The Egyptian Pharaoh was both King and High Priest. At first, the ascension (not unlike the Buddha’s ascension) was considered possible only to the Pharaoh. It was only later that they came to believe that all souls could ascend, and… Seek More

Establishment Religion


Zeitgeist means roughly “mans spirit of the age“, and their concern as a body is with the social ills we now experience. They are in a sense a party to the spiritual community, because they do have views on spirituality… Seek More

Sin Eater


What amounts to a necromantic practice is that of the Sin Eater. The Sin Eater was a person who performed a rite that is based on a Christian concept. Every sin must be atoned for, yes? If one could not receive… Seek More

Spirit Phenomenon


I’m thinking of an experience I had, and wondering if it was a haunting of some sort. I was doing a consult job and staying at a hotel. I brought a lot of work back to the hotel: calculator, medical… Seek More