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As Within So Without


Gnosis is the concept “as within so without”. Also connected with the concept “as above so below”. That knowledge of self is knowledge of the principle that originated you. It is connected to astrology. Astrology could be considered a Gnostic… Seek More

Attunement with Magick


If people barely are able to control their feelings , their thoughts and their actions, how can we hope to achieve a magickal act? Your emotions are linked to external energies. When you recognize the connection, then you see that… Seek More

Cycle of Creation


The fires shifted, as energy is inclined to. Matter or earth was born of fire, as valid as fire, and it was the necessary factor for the process of condensation. Water. Mother earth gave us the waters, and from the… Seek More

Astrology Insight


Isn’t astrology just the mathematical progression of the universe in its many forms? The insights gained can help us empower our own actions and avoid unnecessary episodes of resistance. They can help us move with the Tao of the universe… Seek More

Natural Cycles


I don’t actually go into technical things as a matter of course, but often these subjects do help a technical practice anyway. The biggest shocker may be this, astrology is not about the stars. Astrology is in essence the same… Seek More

Influence of the Universe


How exactly do these planetary bodies ‘plug in’ so to speak and influence me? They are large scope or macrocosmic influences, and as things move them they move literally everything else. Like how we have more storms during sunspot activity.… Seek More

Astrological Relationship


Someone earlier today asked if there were ley lines in the Second Life (SL) virtual world. I would say there are, and the rhythms are keying into our communication. The energy breathing substance into what seems very different than the… Seek More

A Ride in Your Head


Any student of logic knows that logic is just a form of cognitive reality checking.  It is a function of the monkey mind taken to a cerebral level, and logic can be satisfied by any consistency. This is why even… Seek More

Your Strengths


You can claim nothing, say you embody all personality types and have nothing to use or build on, or you can get down to application. We can be nice and religious about this, but are my strengths your strengths? There are… Seek More

Organized Understanding


Anyone familiar with Carl Jung‘s work? It can be wrapped up simply. He wasn’t swept up by the “age of reason” BS. Carl Jung was a student of Freud’s, but his work took a different track when he looked at… Seek More