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Future Adaptation

Areas of our world all seem to be going through massive changes right now. I think it’s fascinating and maybe for the good. The problem in this era is that the system itself has become unstable. Its original source of… Seek More

Activation of Dormant Genes


Today, we are talking about atavism. Magickal and spiritual practice often seeks to cultivate altered states of awareness. Some are considered more acceptable than others. In the case of some of the more backwoods practices, one narrow set in particular,… Seek More

Atavistic Ritual


Atavistic ritual all relies on triggering the mirroring nervous system in one way or another, through ceremonial dance, meditation, even costume. The purpose being to create a link with and even a sort of identification with another species. This is… Seek More

Repurposing Adaptations


Anthropomorphising animals is so natural as to be instinctive, but rather than dismiss it as irrationality, as hard nose materialists do, the reason is that our mirroring nervous system can imitate and recognize the states of living things that are… Seek More

One Living World


Atavism is something to consider in your daily activity. The gifts of nature are still available to us, and we can use our awareness to join our brothers and sisters in this one living world. People assume that any student… Seek More

Act As Though


Have you ever heard the phrase, act as though it is and it will be? Yes. Fake it until you make it. All that you can conceive of is encoded into your nature as an extension of the nature of… Seek More

All Daemons


I will offer an insight. The difference between white and black magick. White magick seeks to call the Gods to our level. Black magick seeks to put man on the level of the Gods. Neither seeks evil, and just as… Seek More

Restless Dead Explanations


The Halloween holiday has more of a traditional link to the undead than monsters in general, as we’ll focus on now. For the purpose of this discussion, we will define the undead as the deceased who have not departed the… Seek More

Tripping in the Dark

Shadow People

A related phenomenon to vroloks would be therians. Therians are a class of beings like vroloks that induce atavism in human partners. Evolutionary regression and the human component is a partner, not a host, as the therian doesn’t actually drain… Seek More

Outsiders Point of View

Now I have to get even more wildly metaphorical, unfortunately, but I think it will all make sense. Imagine earth was a website. Everything else online in the internet can more or less freely access the information of earth with… Seek More