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First Delusion Of Thought

Root Chakra

We have some horrible delusions. They create some serious malfunctions, both in our coping skills and our biological processes, as you cannot actually separate these two things. They are one and the same dynamic. The first delusion is the privileged… Seek More

Choice Center

Solar Plexus Chakra

I find panic comes when I can’t decide which one to follow within me, heart or gut. That’s the problem for everyone. This is why the third chakra is so often out of balance, and really this happens because people… Seek More

Choice And Free Will

Solar Plexus Chakra

What is it to make a choice when all choices are dictated by the spirit of the world? Harmony or disharmony. Playing an instrument well or poorly comes to mind. And that is part of the choice making process, yes.… Seek More

Inner Dancer

Solar Plexus Chakra

You do nothing without the third chakra. So if you need to do new things, remember to catch your breath. This resets the chakra. It doesn’t have memory, that’s lower in the gut. It has reactivity. It’s a membrane that… Seek More

At The Heart

Solar Plexus Chakra

You can’t really understand the third chakra without understanding the troubles of the heart. The heart is a grand temple. It’s the seat of the subconscious taken to a transcendent level. At the level of the heart, you have a… Seek More

Heart Balance

Solar Plexus Chakra

Is there a difference between a panic attack and an attack of emotion? Yes. The attack of emotion is worse. A panic attack is situational. Even if it’s mal-adaptive, it’s still environmentally anchored. Emotion attacks tend to be more chronic… Seek More

One Love

Heart Chakra

At this point in the series on Spiritual and Psychic Health, we are in a good place for a recap. We have covered the root chakra, the seat of the undiluted life force. We have covered the sacral chakra, the… Seek More

Heart Felt

Heart Chakra

Perhaps a question. What is devotion? Heart felt commitment. Devotion could be strengthened by the chakras, but it’s not an expression of them. This is true. It’s sensed in them, but does not have them for its source. The chakras… Seek More

Book Of Life

Heart Chakra

The heart is the book of life, pretty much synonymous with what some call the akashic record. It’s at this level that we have our first real experience of full memory. Isn’t the akashic record really an expression of the… Seek More

Rule Of The Heart

Heart Chakra

How do you mend a broken heart? The heart never breaks. What needs mending is the perception of a broken or breakable world. When the heart is shut out by what we perceive to be some part of our world… Seek More